Our Blues Han-su and Eun-hui Ending Explained! Episode 1 & 2?


Our Blues Han-su and Eun-hui Ending Explained! Episode 1 & 2?: Hello friends, Ramashankar, today we are going to talk to you about the first and second episodes of Our Blues Han-su web series, which stories have remained incomplete in the last scene of these two and its Here we are going to talk about what you people can get to see next, tell me that soon you must have seen that somewhere in any web series that is released, you will be in it. people get to see things

That somewhere in its last, you people get to see the same things as the suspense, in this way, let us tell you that you are going to get to see the complete information about this vestige here. But we are going to explain its last and in a much better way, the information will be released here to you guys, tell that this was released recently on the OTT platform you can go and see the people and You can read its review, but here we are going to talk to people about what to see in the last of this and which story you get to see incomplete in the last so that you guys Wait for 3rd episode or 2nd season


Our Blues Han-su and Eun-hui Ending Explained

Our Blues Han-su and Eun-hui Ending Explained
Our Blues Han-su and Eun-hui Ending Explained

Talking about Our Blues Han-su Last Splanning, let us tell you that the episode that starts here is seen introducing you to some characters, where the story that Kar gets to see early is auctioned. Where you get to see all the things from the fish market, let me tell you here that a little bit of conversation means that what you get to see at the initial time, you get to see a lot of silor story

After that, later on, he gets to see a much better story with a lot of speed or get to watch web series, we come to know that he gets to see very weak financially and he Tell your daughter to go to auction in the fish market for Ram’s golf career, what we understand by seeing her conversation at the present time is that a woman from an urban environment who is not yet married to her about her we get to see the force of this story she gets to see something like this

Let us tell you that the way he persuaded the customer to invest in his bank, in the same way his understanding in the banking sector also shows a lot of good experience, his wife supporting his goods career. To live in the United States with the daughter, now let us tell you that in this show you people get to see that their situation becomes very bad, despite living in my house where I have made money. There is a lot of shortage and financially, where the wife starts working as a driver to survive in EVS and tell that her own house is also being sold where there is so much compulsion. His wife gets to see the most to put aside his girl’s goal career and focus on supporting the home and his life. His sister, including her sister, also accidents family. You also get to see here what you want to see here. gets

That his family understands the value and value of money when he is having a fight with a bad driver on the road, only then can it be seen that childhood friend who meets to see in this hometown this Our Blues Han-su

who That in a way increase the faith a lot and tell that in the end of the episode you guys remember the kiss, in this way the first episode ends here and talk about the second episode. Its story you people get to see something good, where the water is seen running over himself sitting in the beach, he remembers his old days which have passed in a long time and he commits suicide. it can’t happen because of

He goes to Agra to ask 200 million for his daughter but it doesn’t happen in this way, both of them decide to go after and their sweet memories of childhood also get to see their first kiss there. It happened there and when he was young, then you get to see people like this, then tell people that these things are available to see the matter for a very long time and at the present time also you People get to see that everything is shown in a lot more different types and in a better way Japanese HD Download

In this way, you people get to see all the information here, let us tell you that the web series which is here, in which the air shown in the last gets to see very good and suspenseful things, due to which people Waiting very eagerly for its next episode and next season too, let us tell you that it was very good to watch and you guys can enjoy it too.

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