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paapan day 2 box office collection report

paapan day 2 box office collection report: Hello friends, you are very much welcome to our website, my name is rama shanker and in today’s post we are going to provide you guys the box office collection of Papan Movie Wise Report of the second day. It is known that this film has been released in cinemas at the box office on July 29, 2022 and after its release, this film is earning a lot. Because most Malayalam language films are based on crime scenes, in the same way this film is also a crime thriller film, in which you will get to see tremendous crime scenes and the cast of this film looks very good while investigating the crime scene. ,

In which people are very fond of the role of Suresh Gopi, that is why people are looking very excited to see this film, while the actress working in this film is Asha Sarath, who did a great job in this film. Is. Has played its good role because ya movie has proved to be a super duper hit and if we talk about the supporting cast, the supporting cast has also played a very good role in this movie, which has made Malavika Manan a very famous artist. He did very well in this film.

Because of this the film remains very popular among the people, while the director of this film is Joshi who has done very well with his understanding and quality. Everyone has worked very hard for this and every actor has worked hard which has made this film good and we have become very good even though it is in Malayalam language, which is a crime thriller film. Know what is the day wise report of the total money you have earned in your two days.

papan dey 2 box office collection

DayIndia net collection
first day₹ 1.9 crore
second dayCan earn ₹ 2.20 Crore*
gross₹ 4.10 crore
papan dey 2 box office collection

According to the list of box office collection report of Papan movie, as you can see in the above list, this movie has achieved box office collection of Rs.19,000,000 on the first day itself, while on the second day i.e. Saturday. There has been a huge increase in the collection of this film on the second day, which in total managed to reach the Indian box office collection of 20 crores on the second day, thus making this film in Malayalam language. Has achieved a total box office collection of ₹ 41000000 in its 2 days,

For your information, let us tell you that this film has been released in theaters in a budget of about 10 crores and after its release, this film is quite good. Earnings are being estimated in this way that we are also seen to achieve box office collection of around ₹ 200000000 in our lifetime. Paapan Movie Collection is very good, due to which I am getting a lot of happiness to see the director and producer of this film because whenever a new movie is released, the main goal of that movie is to earn a lot and be a superhit, so people watch this film. Love to see it become a super hit and the audience has given a lot of love and respect to this film.

60% increase in box office collections on Day 2

According to the box office collection report of Papan Movie, you guys will be able to see that this movie is showing huge growth in its second day which is almost 60% growth and this movie is showing 60% growth. Along with this, it has been successful in achieving the box office collection of ₹ 22000000. For your information, let us tell you that this film has been released in theaters on a good budget and after its release, this film is doing tremendous box office collection. , For your information, let us tell you that this film has been made and released in theaters in a budget of about 10 crores, which is a low budget film due to being in Malayalam language and working in this film. The actors have done a great job, due to which this film remains special for the people and in the coming times also this film is going to earn a lot.

papan movie hit or flop

If we talk about the hit and flop of Papan film, then this film is sure to be a super hit because this film has achieved the box office collection of 4 crore 1000000 rupees in its 2 days, whereas the film has released only 10. With a budget of crores in theatres, it is thus being estimated that the film may collect around 6 crores by its weekend and earn around 20 crores in its lifetime. So, this movie can be a superhit because of the good earning of this movie and it seems to be a superhit being a crime film because Malayalam languages

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