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Paappan day 3 box office collection report

Paappan day 3 box office collection report: Hello friends, you are very much welcome to our website, my name is rama and in today’s post we are going to provide you here the day wise report of pappan movie 3rd day box office collection report. Pappan movie is a malayalam language movie which is released in box office and cinemas on 29th July 2022 and after release or movie is earning good, I want to tell for your information that this movie has been released in approx. . Theaters with a budget of 15 crores Because the film is made in Malayalam language and the film made in Malayalam language is mostly made in good budget, similarly this film is also made in theaters at a huge cost. Pappan movie is a crime drama thriller movie.

People are enjoying a lot because prime movies are very interesting so watch this movie. The audience has also praised it a lot because in this film Suresh Gopi, Asha Sarath and Malavika Menon have played very good roles in the actors working in it, while Malaika Menon and Asha Bharat are in the lead roles. To be very nice because their beauty is very good, so they have taken great care of their beauty. Used properly, this film has become a great medium of entertainment for the people, due to which people who understand Malayalam language look very excited to watch this film, but how much money did this film earn. Many people also want to know about it, whose day wise report we are providing you here below.

Papappan Day 3 box office collection

DayIndia net collection
first day₹ 2.15 crore
second day₹ 2.47 crore
day 3Can earn ₹2.80 crore*
gross₹ 7.42 Cr
Papappan Day 3 box office collection

Box Office Collection Report of Pappan Movie As you must be seeing in the list that this film has made a box office collection of about two crore 150000 rupees in the opening day itself, while the second and third day box office collection is amazing. As can be seen in the list that on the second day or 2 crore 45 lakhs in the film and on the third day this film seems to be achieving a box office collection of Rs 280000, so it is being estimated that the film will not be able to do. Profit of Rs. Life Time seems to be achieving box office collection of approx ₹ 200000000 as the film is able to do 7 crore 42 lakh box office collection so far.

Its weekend and thus the box office collection report of this film is quite good. Which seems to be earning well, for your information, let me tell you that I am going to earn a lot in my life time, which has remained in Malayalam language and despite being in Malayalam language, this film will earn a lot and super Will prove to be a duper hit, while Malayalam films will be better than Bollywood films. And in the same way, Kannada films are also seen earning a lot or even though the film is in Malayalam language, it is earning a lot and is going to prove to be a super duper hit in theatres.

20% Increase Day 3 Box Office Collection

According to the Box Office Collection report of Pappan Movie, there is an increase of almost 20% in the box office collection of the third day as the box office collection of the second day was Rs 2 crore 45 lakh, which has reached to Rs 28,000,000. In the collection of the third day. For this reason this film has increased by almost 20% in its third day as you must know that this film is made in Malayalam language and is based on a crime drama film, due to which this film has become quite interesting for the people. Therefore, as the appreciation of this film is increasing, the collection of this film is also increasing and the audience watching this film has also liked it a lot, due to which the box office collection of Pappan Movie has increased tremendously. Is. To see

Pappan Movie Details

name of the moviepappan
release date29 July 2022
Januarycrime drama thriller
budgetapprox 15 crore
the creatorGokulam Gopalan
ThrowSuresh Gopi, Asha Sarath, Malavika Menon, Mala Parvati, Nayla Usha
Pappan Movie Details

Details of Paappan Movie As you will be able to see in the list that this film has been released on 29th July 2022 at the cinemas box office and after the release or the film is earning a very good budget of this film. Talking about, this film is made in a budget of 15 crores and Gokulam Gopalan has spent a lot of money in making this film, while Suresh Gopi Asha Sarath has done a very good job in the lead role, due to which it has become. Very important for people, they are looking very excited to watch this movie, so in today’s post we have given you complete details about pappan movie details after which you can understand. That this film has been released in theaters like this and you have got the day wise report of how much this film has earned here.

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