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petrol diesel prices delhi report : Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Petrol Diesel Price Rate 6 June 2022, we will give you all the reporter all the information and there is a very rapid decline of petrol and diesel so that we can tell you what in Delhi The rate is a little, we will tell you about the state of defeat of every district, what is the rate of petrol and diesel, how much increase is seen, how much decline is being seen, then you join us so that you can easily get new ones sitting. And to know all the information, we will continue the post related to our website, on which you will be able to know the complete information now.

People depend on both private and public transport to move from the statement to the second position. The total number of new private vehicles being registered in the state of Uttar Pradesh gradually increased and from 2016 to 17 in 1 year to 27 23 lakh 27493 The increase in the consumption of diesel in the state of Uttar Pradesh is due to increase in the usage of vehicles which touched 2380935 as compared to


Petrol Price In Nct Of Delhi – Last 10 Days Data

Jun 01, 202296.72 ₹/L0.00
May 31, 202296.72 ₹/L0.00
May 30, 202296.72 ₹/L0.00
May 29, 202296.72 ₹/L0.00
May 28, 202296.72 ₹/L0.00
May 27, 202296.72 ₹/L0.00
May 26, 202296.72 ₹/L0.00
May 25, 202296.72 ₹/L0.00
May 24, 202296.72 ₹/L0.00
May 23, 202296.72 ₹/L0.00

A. Petrol Price in NCT of Delhi Last 10 days talking about June 1 2022, then let us tell you that petrol price is being seen at Rs 96 92 paise per liter, in the same way let us tell that by talking about May 31 to 2022, 4.72 Rupees are being seen per liter, so in the same way, let us tell you that on May 24 2022, ₹ 96 72 paise per liter was seen, similarly we are seeing 96.2 paise per liter on May 23, 2022, so we will give you information. For this, let us tell you that we have told you through the table that you can take information through it because the price of oil is being seen very much, for more information, read the post further and take all the information through that table. Because he has been given so much information in the medium of the table, rather the secondary can get all the information easily.

The central excise duty on petrol has been cut by Rs 8 per litre and on diesel, it has been cut by Rs 6 per litre, Union Finance Minister announced on Saturday. After this decision, the price of petrol will be reduced by Rs 9.5 per litre and of diesel by Rs 7 per litre.

Prices of petrol and diesel have remained steady for more than 40 days now. Currently, petrol in Delhi now costs Rs 105.41 a litre and diesel Rs 96.67 a litre. While in Mumbai, petrol and diesel prices are at Rs 120.51 and Rs 104.77 per litre, respectively.

City Wise List For Petrol Price


Agra96.35 ₹/L0.00
Ahmedabad96.42 ₹/L0.00
Allahabad96.65 ₹/L0.00
Aurangabad112.97 ₹/L0.00
Bangalore101.94 ₹/L0.00
Bhopal108.65 ₹/L0.00
Bhubaneswar103.19 ₹/L0.00
Chandigarh96.20 ₹/L0.00
Chennai102.63 ₹/L0.00

For information, let us tell you that if we talk about City Wise List for Petrol Price, then you are getting to see it through the table after its city, then in Agra, 96 decimals are being seen from ₹ 35 per liter. Similarly, 96 decimal ₹ 42 per liter is being seen in Ahmedabad, in the same way, let us tell you that ₹ 65 per liter was seen in the moon sighting in Allahabad, so in the same way let us tell you that ₹ 102 in 102 liters of petrol. For the information, let us tell you that we can easily take all the information through the data cable through the data cable, through the attitude, read further to know more information and about the rise and fall of petrol and diesel. sure go

State Wise List For Petrol Price


Andhra Pradesh110.48 ₹/L-9.52
Assam96.01 ₹/L0.00
Bihar107.24 ₹/L0.00
Chhattisgarh102.45 ₹/L0.00
Gujarat96.31 ₹/L0.00
Haryana97.34 ₹/L0.00
Himachal Pradesh97.58 ₹/L+0.29
Jammu And Kashmir99.81 ₹/L+0.22

Today we are going to tell about State Wise Petrol, how much is available in which state, it is getting 110 points 48 rupees per liter in Andhra Pradesh and 96 points one rupee per liter in Assam in Bihar at 107 ₹ 24 per liter is getting 102 points 45 liters mixed in Chhattisgarh, Gujarat is getting ₹ 96 per liter in these stadiums, a lot is being seen at a fast pace, according to the information, let us tell you that 96 in Gujarat is Rs. 30 per liter is getting and Haryana is getting 97 points ₹ 34 per liter Himachal Pradesh is getting 97 points 98 per liter and Jammu and Kashmir similarly there is reduction and increase in many states.

New rates are released every morning at 6 am

Petrol and diesel prices change every day at 6 am. The new rates are applicable from 6 am onwards. After adding excise duty, dealer commission, VAT and other things to the price of petrol and diesel, its price becomes almost double of the original price. This is the reason why the prices of petrol and diesel appear so high.

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