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prithviraj box office collection prediction : Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the hits and flops of Prithviraj box office collection and prediction, today we will give you all the information about it, let us tell you that this modi will be released in all theaters of India on June 3, 2022. Its running time will be two hours 15 minutes, if we talk about the certificate, then it is UA and talking about the total collection, then you guys can be around 300 crores and for the information let us tell you that its budget is ₹ 300. Talking about profit and loss, nothing can be said about it, it can also be told that nothing can be said about it yet.

prithviraj box office collection prediction

prithvirajbox office collection prediction
Release date:-3 June 2022
Running time:-2h 15m
Total Collection:-Approx 300 Crore
Budget + P&A:-300 Crore
Box Office Verdict (Hit or Flop):-N/A
Page Last Updated on:-30 May 20

The one reason we didn’t include above, is the Bollywood industry going through hard times, the last hit Hindi film The Kashmir Files was released on 11 March 2022. After that biggies like Jersey, Attack, Runway 34, Heropanti2, and recently Jayeshbhai Jordaar, failed to charm the cinephiles.


Amid this situation, Bollywood desperately needed a big-ticket film in order to revive the industry again, Prithviraj seems the film which has the demand amid the Indian viewers, as we have recently seen the two-period action films KGF2 and RRR have grossed big and went on to become the highest-grossing film and also joined the prestigious Rs 1000 Cr club.Given all these facts and the trailer that has created more buzz for the film, our prediction is that the Akshay starrer will rake in over Rs 30 Cr in the domestic market on the opening day. Buzz is not like KGF 2 and RRR, so we can expect success like Padmavat.

For information, let us tell you that about the box office collection and prediction of Prithviraj movie, let us tell you that it will be released on June 3, 2022, its running time is two hours 15 minutes and in terms of total box office collection, then 300 crores. Rupees may be approx but talking about its budget, its budget is perfect at a cost of 300 crores or movie is made, talking about its profit loss, nothing can be said about it because it is still pending and its box office collection Talking about hit and flop, can’t tell anything about it because it is still pending, the last date is 30 May 2022, we have come to give you all the information and to know more information you are associated with our business so that you You will get all the information through our website

India Box Office Collection Summary

DayCollection Amount
Opening Day10-15 Crore Approx
End of Opening WeekendPending
End of Week 1Pending
Total Collection— Crore

For information, when should we tell you that when we talk about the India Box Office Collection Summary, it is about 10 to ₹ 150000000 in the opening day and if we talk about its end of opening weekend, then the memory is also pending and talk about the end of big. So I am still in pending if we talk about the total collection, it is running in crores because we can not say anything about it also because all the rest of this pending information we give through table and through internet. giving from

Worldwide Box Office Collection (Gross)

ScheduleCollection Amount
India box office Nett:-— Crore
India box office Gross:-— Crore
Overseas Gross:-— Crore
Total Worldwide Collections Gross— Crore

If we talk about the growth of world wide box office collection, then let us tell you that or Abhishek collection amount, now tell about it that India box office collection net is right now here – crores and in terms of India box office collection it is also minus It is because whatever information we have given, we share all the information through the table and through internet or Google, whatever updates are available, we send the updates to you. Thank you.

  • The foremost reason is, that the visual spectacle is based on the life of legendary warrior Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan who fought against Muhammad Ghouri in order to safeguard India.
  • The team has done extensive research on the project, as per the media reports, there were 5000 costumes and 500 turbans were created for the film.
  • Akshay starrer is made on a big scale budget of Rs 300 Cr (est).
  • It is the dream project of the director Chandraprakash Dwivedi (Chanakya Tv serial fame), he waited for 15 yrs (2004-19).

Chatting with information to you through the list, you can know all the information through this list and get information about them, all the information we give, you only know from where we give information. You are the only one who can take information through this.

discleamer: Let me tell you that as I told you above, the movie will be released in Hindi language in hindi language in June 2022, whatever information we are giving you about it, we can find all the information from our website and from google chrome. You are reaching the people, if there is any mistake or if there is any problem, then you will be responsible for it. If you do some mistake then you are responsible for it.

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