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Project Slayers Races Wiki[August 2022]

Project Slayer Race Wiki Guide

Project Slayers Races Wiki[August 2022]: Project Slayers game consists of four races; Human Race, Hybrid Race, Slayer Race and Demon Race. In this race guide, we’ll share information about each race. So let’s not waste any time and get started:

Project Slayer Race: Human Race Guide

Once level 15 is reached a human can transform into a demon or a slayer. Of course, this is not the only requirement. You have to do some other things too. We have mentioned everything in this Project Slayer Race Guide [Also, See – Project Slayer Code ] [Also, See – Project Slayer Trello ] [ Project Slayer Map ] [ Project Slayer Clans Tier List ] [ Breatheig Tier List , Demon Arts Tier List] : 

Project Slayers Races Wiki[August 2022]
Project Slayers Races Wiki[August 2022]

start out as human

You start out as a human. 

To become either a demon or a slayer, reach level 15. Once you meet this requirement, you will be granted access to either race’s quests, which will be used to progress the remainder of the game. The NPCs that help you transform are: 

  • Crow
  • compensation

Crown [in hotbar] [Crow NPC]

Lvl 15+ to become a slayer

  • Eliminate 10 Sakurai monsters around the map — Rewards/Currency/Exp; X1000 Yen and X1600 Exp
  • Eliminate Sasumaru — Reward/Currency/Exp; X700 Yen and X1050 Exp
  • Eliminate Yahaba — Rewards/Currency/Exexp; X700 Yen and X1200 Exp
  • Eliminate Slasher — reward/currency/exp; X650 Yen and X900 Exp
  • Eliminate Nezuko — Rewards/Currency/Exexp; X725 yen and X1050 Express

Muzan [in the hotbar] [Muzan NPC]

Lvl 15+ to become a monster

  • Defeat 13 Mizunotos in Butterfly Mansion — Reward/Currency/Exp; 1000 yen and 1600 express
  • Defeat Subito – Rewards/Currency/Exp; 350 Yen and 950 Exp
  • Defeat Zenegutsu Kuchi – Rewards/Currency/Exp; 200 Yen and 600 Exp
  • Necklace Giyu — Prize/Currency/Exp; 800 yen and 1300 express
  • Haar Chiron — prize/currency/exp; 275 yen and 700 xp
  • Defeat Sanmei – Rewards / Currency / Exp; 275 yen and 700 xp

[Also, see – Project Slayer Code ] [Also, see – Project Slayer Trello ] [ Project Slayer Map ] [ Project Slayer Clans tier list ] [ Breatheig tier list , Demon Arts tier list ]

slayer path

To transform from a human to a slayer, you must locate Kanata Ubuyashiki and Kiria Ubuyashiki in the final selection waiting area at just the right time; Est at 4 PM, 11 AM, 6 AM, and 10 PM Est and become a human LVL 15+ and wait until the specified time to enter.

final selection material

You’ll finish every quest within the final selection forest first, as well as eliminating the hand demon. It is advised that you work together with friends for this task. Once you have completed the elimination of the Demon of the Hand, you will become part of the Demon Corps.

demon path

Or a simple way to become a demon, reach level 15, then search for Muzan Monsters collecting X5 spider lilies; Get the doctor from Kiribating village, then go back to Mujan.

obtaining BDA

To obtain the BDA, head to the Zapiwara Cave, locate the NPC Demon Art Blood in the cave, and interact with/talk to him. Once you’ve done that, you’ll notice that you’ve got some starter spins; The catch here is that you can end up without a BDA.

How to become a Slayer in Project Slayers?

To become a Demon Slayer players must make the final selection at level 15+. The final selection tests might if you have the courage to transform into a demon slayer and join the ranks with your teammates. Once you have entered the final selection, all your vanes and bandages will be removed from you (don’t worry, they will be returned if you fail or succeed). If you run out X3 times and lose all available lives in the selection, wait to enter next time to try again.

  • The slayer gets the crow. CROW helps find the slayer
  • Godspeed: Skill Available

How to become a demon in Project Slayer?

Reach level 15 or higher. Find Muzan. and find him. The quest requires 5 blue lilies. And take Doctor Higoshima to Muzan. Higoshima is located inside a house near Kiribating village. View [Also, See – Project Slayer Code ] [Also, See – Project Slayer Trello ] [ Project Slayer Map ] [ Project Slayer Clans tier list ] [ Breatheig tier list , Demon Arts tier list ]

hybrid race

Not available at the moment. 

reset project slayer race

There are two ways to reset the race in Project Slayer; Use Robux or Ore. Press M key -> Money bag icon -> Click on USE button to switch to ORE currency -> Buy race reset with ore. You can earn ore by completing final selections or from Tier 1+ chests. Another way is to spend Robux. 

So that’s all we got in this post on the Project Slayer Race Guide. [Also, see – Project Slayer Code ] [Also, see – Project Slayer Trello ] [ Project Slayer Map ] [ Project Slayer Clans tier list ] [ Breatheig tier list , Demon Arts tier list ]

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