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[updated] radhe shyam box office collection day 5 | total collection | worldwide

[updated] radhe shyam box office collection day 5 | total collection | worldwide: You people get to see the data of Radhe shyam Box Office Collection on the fifth day here. Where the film has completed a box office collection of about Rs 6 crore in 5 days, the previous ones whose comparison has seen a decline for 10 hours, let us tell you that the collection of Radhey Shyam movie seems to be decreasing at this time. Which is going down a lot on Didi Birthday day and if seen at the present time, Radhe shyam Movie itself is a very big movie which is a budget movie of Rs 350 crores which was released in cinemas of India on 11th March 2022. If it was seen, then in the comparison of the previous day, it is somewhere around 70% and 72%, something like this seems to be decreasing and the collection of India is almost going down a lot, tell that Radhe shyam The total collection of the movie in India is ₹ 102.16 Cr from India

When Radhe shyam movie was about to come among the people, it was a very big film and a lot more people were also liking it but recently Modi has failed miserably in many languages ​​which means that if If seen, there is no report of the movie to be seen in the Canadian language, apart from this the film is known to have a very low box office collection in the Malayalam language. The movie was seen by more people only in Hindi and Telugu languages. And Tamil comes in the third language from where not much box office collection has been done but at number three its collection is found to see good.

radhe shyam box office collection day 5

radhe shyam box office collection day 5
radhe shyam box office collection day 5
DayIndia Net CollectionChange(+/-)
Day 1 [1st Friday]₹ 43.1 Cr [Te: 37.91 Cr ; Hi: 4.8; Ta: 0.35; Mal: 0.04]
Day 2 [1st Saturday]₹ 24.6 Cr [Te: 19.28 Cr ; Hi: 4.95; Ta: 0.35; Mal: 0.02]-42.92%
Day 3 [1st Sunday]₹ 22.3 Cr [Te: 16.5 Cr ; Hi: 5.5; Ta: 0.29; Mal: 0.01]-9.35%
Day 4 [1st Monday]₹ 6.16 Cr [Te: 4.55 Cr ; Hi: 1.49; Ta: 0.12] * rough data-72.38%
Day 5 [1st Tuesday]₹ 6.00 Cr * may earn
Total₹ 102.16 Cr
radhe shyam box office collection day 5

Radhey Shyam Box Office Collection The fifth day’s collection has been ₹ 60,000,000, where the movie has seen a decline of about 10% in the previous day’s comparison, for information, let us tell you that the collection of the movie which was on the opening day was very high. Because people did not know about the film and after seeing the way the promotion of the film was done, people only wanted to see the film and in this way the collection of the movie was done in India for thirteen ten million rupees, where But the movie had a huge collection in the Telugu language and later in the Hindi language.

After that, if seen, the collection on the second day is falling to about 42.0%. For information, let us tell you that the second day’s box office collection was down a lot in comparison to the first day, where 24.6 crores was collected, in the third day’s collection of ₹ 22. The collection has been done where 5 crores was collected in Telugu language and 5 crores was collected in Hindi language

radhe shyam box office collection worldwide

Radhey Shyam Box Office Collection World Wide You get to see here, let us tell you that just yesterday the official statement was released by Radhey Shyam Laker, where Modi showed the data within the fourth day i.e. 3 days there. Went and within 3 days the movie had a collection of Rs 151 crore in the world wide collection, which can be a very good collection within 3 days, let us tell you that this is a love story movie and Mehr issued an official statement. There was time for blockbuster and in this way, seeing the very good collection of the movie, the maker had also released the poster, here you get to see the people, you go to the world wide collection. Will be able to check in more details.

Radhe shyam Movie was released all over the world where its collection report from Australia Canada New Zealand South America and many other countries was released and let us tell you that it too after performing in many places. I have collected Rs 151 crore within 3 days, where if seen, then on a daily basis, the collection of about ₹ 500000000 has been done daily movie world wide.

radhe shyam box office collection total india

Box Office Collection of Radhe shyam Movie Total 102 Decimal ₹ 16000000 has been collected in India, from here the collection of the movie is found to be very highly viewed in India, apart from this the data of World Wide Collection is available to see above, the film has made a total. In the World Wide Collection, the collection of up to Rs 151 crore was done within just 3 days and yesterday i.e. on the fourth day the maker of the movie released the data, if we talk about the World Wide Collection today, then about 200 There may be a possibility of reaching crores where Radhey Shyam Movie World Wide Collection will be completed around 180 to 200 crores very soon you will be issued official statement was released in india

From where people used to get facilities in their respective languages ​​to watch the film, but let us tell you that even after being released in many languages ​​here, the insurance movie has performed very poorly in many languages. Malayalam and Canada language has flopped at all in India and despite this movie being flop, Hindi and Telugu butt and then Tamil best in these three languages ​​Modi is seen by a lot of people from where India has a huge collection.

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