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Radhe shyam collection worldwide in rupees: Prabhas’ movie crosses 100 crore mark View report


Radhe shyam collection worldwide in rupees: Radheshyam Movie Collection WorldWide In Rupees Where we are going to talk about world wide collection that Prabhas upcoming movies which have just been released The movie has been released on 11th March 2022 which is very high on box office collection. Well it is available to watch at this time, let us tell you that its box office collection data is available for you to see here, which is a very big data to see. For information, let us tell you in Radheshyam movie Prabhas and Pooja Hegde are seen acting in a movie with a budget of Rs 350 crore

And the budget of this movie is so high in which you only get to watch the love story, for information, let us tell you that Radheshyam Movie is not able to grow that much in India, while in India too the film has been released in many languages. Wherever it is seen, Radheshyam Movie has been released in Malayalam Tamil Telugu in India and also in Canada and Hindi language, where Prabhas’s movie is available to watch after converting it into different languages. So tell that Radheshyam Movie is a very big movie in itself and its movie has been released in world wide where it is available to watch in countries like Australia, New Zealand and South America.

Radhe shyam collection worldwide in rupees

Radhe shyam collection worldwide in rupees
Radhe shyam collection worldwide in rupees
worldwide collection$16974100
worldwide collection in rupees130 crore
Radhe shyam collection worldwide in rupees

Radhey Shyam Collection World Wide in Rupees has been told here, where you can see at the top, in which a collection of one crore $16974100 has been done, where this collection is being shown to you for 3 days because this film was released. It has been only 3 days, if it is also seen in India Rupees, then the movie has done a collection of 130 crores world wide by Radhey Shyam film starring Pooja Hegde and Prabhas, tell that the movie’s world wide collection is very high. It is available to watch but the budget of the movie is still far away, where if we see, then the world wide collection of the film is 130 crores, while the movie has collected around ₹ 900000000 from India itself within 3 days.

In this way, if the entire collection is seen, then India gets to see the maximum collection. Where people want to see India collection in the form of Radheshyam movie, then here you have got to see in the world wide collection, apart from this, if we talk about egg, then tell that the data provided here That is, you get to see day wise that means 3 days data has been provided here and 3 days data is also available to see officially provided by the maker, tell that this data is available on news website and other internet. You can also believe that the data has been provided to you by collecting through the Platform

Prabhas’ movie crosses 100 crore mark View report

Prabhas’s movie has crossed the 100 crore mark, where according to India’s box office collection, the movie has reached ₹ 900000000 by collecting only in India, in which the maximum number of movies have been written in Telugu and Tamil languages. After that, it can also be the most watched movie in Hindi language, let us tell you that this movie of Prabhas has been released as Pan India, where the film is available to watch in many languages, out of which Canada Malayalam. Tamil Telugu in which if seen, the movie in Telugu Tamil and Hindi language has been seen by more people and from there more box office collection is also available to see if you want to see the full report of box office collection then here for that The link has been given to you, you will be able to see the complete report of the box office collection of Prabhas movies.

If the film is removed, then the movie can be said in one line that a love story movie has been created by investing Rs 350 crores, where you people get to see a little psychology sir letter suspense and stories whose Because of this, this movie becomes even more attractive, tell that you have been given a love story in the movie, by investing such a high budget, for which if seen, it is not even available to see any special review of the film, but this Many films have also been released to compete, out of which they have taken the movie in their own industry, but what kind of movie is this which has been released on March 11, 2022 and it is available to see in all the industries. Be it Hindi, Bollywood or any other language, this movie has been released in all languages.

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