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[updated] radhe shyam day 9 box office collection: Increase in day 9 box office collection


radhe shyam day 9 box office collection: Radheshyam 9 box office collection can be seen around one crore box office collection which is an increase of about 40% as of the previous day. Let us tell you that the collection of Radhe Shyam movie here is available to watch a lot more down than India, which started from India itself with Rs 43.1 crores, which was found to see a lot, to see the initial opening time. Later it was thought that this movie would earn by tearing the entire thatch, but this time reaching even at all turned upside down, the Kashmir Files movie came in the collision of the movie and changed the whole game while this movie was a one-off. 350 crores, yet the collection of this film is found to see a lot of down from India.

radhe shyam day 9 box office collection

radhe shyam day box office collection is 10000000 rupees, which is almost data shared here, tell that the last day collection of the movie was 0.69 crores, which is about 9 days box office collection in 8 days comparison. Has got to see more than 40% increase in this way the movie collected about 80.48 crores in the first week from India only to see the box office collection on the first day of the movie very high level. was found where the movie collected a collection of 43.1 crores

DayIndia Net Collection
Day 1 [1st Friday]₹ 43.1 Cr [Te: 37.91 Cr ; Hi: 4.8; Ta: 0.35; Mal: 0.04]
Day 2 [1st Saturday]₹ 24.6 Cr [Te: 19.28 Cr ; Hi: 4.95; Ta: 0.35; Mal: 0.02]
Day 3 [1st Sunday]₹ 22.3 Cr [Te: 16.5 Cr ; Hi: 5.5; Ta: 0.29; Mal: 0.01]
Day 4 [1st Monday]₹ 4.9 Cr [Te: 3.58 Cr ; Hi: 1.25; Ta: 0.07]
Day 5 [1st Tuesday]₹ 2.8 Cr [Te: 1.74 Cr ; Hi: 1.01; Ta: 0.05]
Day 6 [1st Wednesday]₹ 1.95 Cr [Te: 1.01 Cr ; Hi: 0.9; Ta: 0.04]
Day 7 [1st Thursday]₹ 1.28 Cr [Te: 0.46 Cr ; Hi: 0.79; Ta: 0.03]
Week 1 Collection₹ 100.93 Cr [Te: 80.48 Cr ; Hi: 19.2; Ta: 1.18; Mal: 0.07; Ka: 0]
Day 8 [2nd Friday]₹ 0.69 Cr [Te: 0.52 Cr ; Hi: 0.16; Ta: 0.01] * rough data
Day 9 [2nd Saturday]₹ 1.00 Cr * may earn
Total₹ 102.62 Cr
radhe shyam day 9 box office collection

9 Days Box Office Collection Report of Radheshyam Movie has been collected 10000000 rupees which is available to watch on you also here you get to see Day Wise and India’s Net Collection in Table About World Wide Collection Talking about, till now the movie has made more than 200 crores box office collection, whereas the movie has collected 102 crores not only from India, so in this way you get to see much less collection than India too. New Zealand has managed to have the best collection of Australia

Increase in day 9 box office collection

Radhe Shyam has seen an increase in the collection of the movie for 9 days, where the movie had collected about 0.69 crores on the previous day, while the movie has collected one crore on Saturday, let us tell you that the collection of the movie on Saturday is automatic. The writing gets increased a bit because there is a holiday here tomorrow,

due to which people go to see the movies mostly today but if seen, this movie has been taken as Pan India where the movie is being read in Telugu language by more people. and secondly the film is seen in Hindi language, after that the movie has been seen very rarely in any other language Tamil language and very little has been seen in Canada and Malayalam language to see the collection of Canada language It means that the movie has completely flopped in Canada.

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