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radhe shyam hit or flop | telugu | hindi | all language hit ya flop


radhe shyam hit or flop: This movie has been released in Radhe shyam Hit and Flop Telugu Movie and Hindi and many other languages ​​where you get to watch Prabhas’s movie which is a movie made on a love story on Told Story, tell that in this You people will also know a lot of mysterious things about him and after that you also get to watch movies related to psychology, but the biggest thing is that Radheshyam movie is a movie made by investing so much budget. Has it been a hit or has it been a flop, the chances of the movie flopping are also seen to be very high, but let us tell you for the information that below is given to you in the table where Radheshyam is the movie’s hit and flop. Get to see complete information about

By the way, let us tell you that Radhe shyam Movie is a good movie for which people were waiting for a long time to see where this movie will not be a flop but maybe in some language this movie flop can be found to watch. Like, a movie in kannada and Tamil language may flop, a movie in Malayalam language may be a flop because from here you can tell that very little collection is available to watch but if seen world wide then this movie is completely It is also considered a superhit and the movie can be a superhit because it has been only 3 days since the film was released and within 30 days no one can decide how much more the movie has collected in the end. Let us tell you that as big as this movie is, it is also successful in collecting more, so the movie cannot be said that this movie has been a flop.

radhe shyam hit or flop

radhe shyam hit or flop
radhe shyam hit or flop
movielanguagecollection (till day 3)hit or flop (hit ya flop)
radhe shyamtelugu73.69hit
radhe shyamhindi15.25 Crn/a
radhe shyamtamil0.99n/a
radhe shyammalayalam0.07 Crn/a
radhe shyamkannada 0 Crflop
radhe shyam hit or flop

Here you are given above table where you get to see box office collection report and hit and flop information in table where Radheshyam Movie is released in 5 language only in India out of which Telugu Hindi Tamil The film has been released in Malayalam and Canadian languages, for information, let us tell you that the hit and flop of the movie is not available to watch yet, but if seen, then this movie has completely flopped in the Canadian language.

Because in kannada language, zero box office collection is available to be seen within 3 days and no collection has been found to be seen inside kannada , although this report is given to you by getting it through social media and news website. After doing this, if you have any problem from here, then you can check by going to the official Twitter handle somewhere.

radhe shyam hit or flop telugu

Radheshyam Hit and Flop This movie is proving to be a complete superhit in Telugu language because let us tell for your information that in Telugu language, the film has collected around 73 decimal ₹ 6900000 within 3 days, which is a lot more. Let us tell you that if any movie comes first in Telugu language, then it is not able to collect so much, but only in Telugu language, as soon as this movie was released, more screens started getting more and people also got this film quite a lot. Liked more, the film has collected more than 73 crores box office within 3 days, that is why the movie is considered a superhit here, the biggest reason for this is that the original language of this movie is Telugu, that’s why in Telugu language The movie gets a lot of views and huge collections to watch from there too.

radhe shyam hit or flop hindi

Prabhas’s movie came Radheshyam, in this you get to see the movie has been released in Hindi language too, if you watch the movies in Hindi then you can watch this movie of Prabhas in Hindi language by going to your nearest cinema halls. Where this movie is also being liked by a lot of people, for information, let us tell you that Radheshyam Movie has not been able to collect that much in Hindi language from now on, that is why this movie in Hindi language is an English language. The movie will remain as a collection of 15.25 crores within 3 days, although I do not say that this movie is a flop but the movie can be successful in doing another AJ collection where big movies in Hindi bed. I have managed to collect more than 100 crores, while the collection of this movie has been found to see only 15 crores within 3 days.

radhe shyam hit or flop tamil

radhe Shyam Hit and Flop This movie has been released in Tamil language, where a collection of Rs 0.99 crore is available to see, if we talk about Tamil language, then this movie is not completely in Tamil language but you understand almost the result because 3 The collection of the movie within the day has not even reached about one crore, now it can be seen that the more the budget is, the whole mind of the people was shaken after seeing the budget of the movie because in Rs. The love story these people were giving to you, the public has not liked that much, whereas from the promotion of the movie, there is no shortage of any kind of agent.

radhe shyam hit or flop malayalam

radhe Shyam Movie Hit and Flop This movie has also been released in Malayalam language, where Malayalam language is an industry in itself which is a very big entertainment hub, if seen here, the collection of radhe Shyam Movie is 0.07 crores. And here the movie has become a complete flop, let me tell you that within 3 days, it has collected Rs 0.07 crore, in this way if the budget and collection is compared, then this movie is a flop in Malayalam language, that’s why the movie If all the languages ​​are put together, then the movie becomes a superhit but this movie gets to be seen in different languages, that’s why Radheshyam movie has flopped in Malayalam movie.

radhe shyam hit or flop kannada

Radheshyam Hit and Flop kannada Movie has been given to you here, tell that the film was released in kannada account as well but till now in kannada language you get to see zero collection which means that the film has a collection in kannada language. It has not been released by us that how much collection has the movie in kannada language because only 0 is available to watch, if two ₹ 4000 collections will happen, then what will be the benefit of showing it, tell it in the same way. That despite the release of Radheshyam movie in kannada language, even after the promotion of this movie so much, the movie is still facing the consequences which is a movie flop in kannada language.

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