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Ramarao on duty day 4 box office collection-50% drop day 4 box office collection

Hello friends, you are very much welcome to our website, in today’s post we are going to provide you complete information about the fourth day box office collection of the Telugu language film Rama Rao On Duty, here Rama Rao On Duty Movie There is a movie made in Telugu language which has also been debited in Hindi language because most of the people of North India also like to watch South Movie, so this film has also been debited in Hindi language so that people of North India also watch it. Can see Movies. Ravi Teja and Divyansh Kaushik are in lead roles in this movie,

who can see and understand the film, and both these actors have done very well in the lead role while the director of this film is Sarthak Mandawa, who has directed this film. I have given a very good direction, due to his good direction, this film has proved to be a very super duper hit and in the coming time also this film is going to earn a lot, for your information, let us tell you that this film is about 25 It is closed in the budget of crores and released in theatres. How much this movie is capable of earning after its release and you will be provided here in which you have been provided complete.

4th day box office collection information ramarao on duty movie an action drama this is a thriller movie which featured a lot of action jackson because south movie mostly known for its action jackson so in this movie you will get action Apart from this, some romantic scenes and comedy scenes have also been introduced for Jackson to watch. That’s why people are looking very excited to see this movie, so if you like to watch Rama Rao On Duty movie then you can go to theaters and watch this movie.

Rama Rao On Duty Day 4 Box Office Collection

DayIndia net collection
first day₹ 4.5 crore
second day₹ 0.7 crore
day 3₹ 0.63 crore
day 4Can earn ₹ 0.30 Crore*
gross₹ 6.13 crore

Rama Rao On Duty Movie Box Office Collection Report As you can see in the list this movie did very well on the first day in which this movie has achieved box office collection of Rs. It is estimated that according to the kind of earnings this film has earned in the opening day, this film will achieve a box office collection of around ₹ 400000 but the box office collection of this film started going down a lot from the second day and the box office collection was going down. If you do, the fourth day’s office collection, there is a huge drop in the fourth day’s collection and this film has

Due to the budget of this film, it managed to get a total collection of Rs 300,000 at the box office on the fourth day. Now talking about, this film has been released in theaters in a total budget of 25 crores, so the collection of this film will not be able to recover even its budget money because on the fourth day at the box office. The collection looks quite worrying, due to which there is a lot of tension in the rector among the producers and directors of this film and there is also a lot of tension seeing this film flop.

50% drop day 4 box office collection

Rama Rao On Duty Movie Collection Report You must be seeing that this film has not been able to earn anything special even on the fourth day, which has gone into a decline of almost 50% and this film is in its fourth day with a decline of 50%. . I have managed to achieve only ₹3000000 box office collection, for your information I want to tell that the budget of this film is around ₹25000000, which shows that we also got 6 crores in just 4 days. It has been successful in doing box office collection, out of which the film earned Rs.45,000,000 on its opening day. Maybe and in the coming time this film will flop

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