RBI Monetary Policy Review, rbi monetary policy 2022 live, RBI Shaktikanta Das hikes repo rate by 0.50%


RBI Monetary Policy Review, rbi monetary policy 2022 live, RBI Shaktikanta Das hikes repo rate by 0.50% Hello friends, welcome to our news here, let us tell you that according to business news, RBI has made some changes in its policy, here we are going to talk about it, here this changer will have a lot of impact in India. Talking about the economy of the Reserve Bank of India, RBI on Wednesday raised the benchmark lending rate by almost zero decimal 50 basis points to 4.9%.

Because here tell us that the currency which was available to see the situation remains above the tolerance level RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das has said that the real GDP which is going to be seen in 2023 is 7.2% and why for the forest 16 point 2 percent and 6 point 2 percent in q2 and 4.1% for free and 4% in Q4


On the other hand, tell me how you guys get to see all the information Shaktikanta Das ji has said that the currency position for the current financial year is 6.7% according to the estimate and 7.5% for q1 and 7.4 in youtube % and can be seen at 6.2% in Q3 and 5.8% in Q4 where the central bank has increased the limit of recurring payments to ₹ 15000 per transaction, so let us tell here that RBI’s interest rate You guys got to see growth where as zero point got to see 50% increase

This will directly affect things like your credit card and EMI i.e. on the basis of installment too much, so if you people see in this way, RBI Shaktikanta Das ji has taken out this group if you keep filling the stallment. If you are, then you can get to see the maximum effect of people on all these things.

“The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Wednesday raised the benchmark lending rate by 50 basis points to 4.9% as inflation remains above its tolerance level. Real GDP for FY23 is 7.2% and 7.2%, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said. 16.2% for Q1, 6.2% in Q2, 4.1% in Q3 and 4% in Q4. Das said that the inflation projection for the current fiscal is 6.7% and for Q1 is 7.5%, 7.4% in Q2, 6.2 in Q3 % and has been seen at 5.8% in Q4. The central bank raised the limit for recurring payments to Rs 15,000 per transaction.”

RBI Monetary Policy Review

Let us tell you that according to the policy review of RBI, it is available to see that whatever statement has been issued by Shaktikanta Das ji is available to see the statement on today’s date which is 10:00 The press conference was released on June 8, 2022 and here you get to see that at 10:00, they have come live and said that we will increase the interest rates by 0.58% by RBI Govt. In this way, your credit card and loan and everything else will have a huge impact, due to which your EMI installment can be expensive and you can also get to see a huge increase in the interest rates as of now. It depends on the amount, how much is the amount, on the basis of which you people get to see all the information based on this RBI policy.

rbi monetary policy 2022 live

RBI’s Monetary Policy 2022 live here is what you get to see in this video, which is not seen on India’s Swadesh channel, let us tell you that here they have clearly shown live where But Shaktikanta Das ji has got to see all the things in front of you to see this life, this thing has been implemented by the Reserve Bank of India on June 8, 2022, let us tell you that somewhere in the last month also. You people got to see the growth and at today’s time are getting to see it again, because of this they say that the economy of the country will improve and in this way new rules and regulations have been implemented. If going, then from this government you people get to see all the live things in the video here.

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