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Rrr day 8 advance booking report

Rrr day 8 advance booking: According to the 8 day advance booking report of Rrr Movie, the total advance booking of 6 decimal 32 crores has been done in the movie. In the matter of advance, even big films have been left behind, due to which the movie is becoming very famous in today’s time.

Rrr day 8 advance booking

Rrr day 8 advance booking
Rrr day 8 advance booking
Telugu2.80 Cr0.40 Crn/a3.20 Cr
Hindi1.40 Cr0.90 Cr2.40 Cr (including IMAX)
Tamil0.23 Cr0.42 Crn/a0.65 Cr
day 8 total advance booking6.32 Cr
Rrr day 8 advance booking

The highest advance booking of Rrr Movie is available for watching Telugu language, where together the movie has made an advance booking of 3.20 crores, out of which advance booking of Rs 2.1 crores has been done for 2D cinema and for 3D cinema. Advance booking of 0.40 crores has been done, apart from this, if we talk in Hindi language, then the film has collected 1.40 crores only in 2D cinema Advance booking has been done and total was 2 decimal 40 crores in advance booking and Tamil language In India, the film has made an advance booking of 0.65 crores and more than 600000 advance booking is available in Malayalam, while in Canada, the movie has made advance booking of up to one lakh. Overall advance booking of 6.32 crores has been done.

Up to 15% increase in advance booking of Rrr Movies for 8 days

Today 8 days have been completed for the release of Rrr Movie and movie has completed 1 week, where the total box office collection of the film is also very good to see, where 4:30 more than 100 crores of movies. No, the box office collection has been done, tell that the advance booking of the movie has also seen a lot of increase on Friday, where an increase of 15% can be seen, let us tell that according to the previous day only three to four crores. Did advance booking up to Rs. and today’s advance booking has made advance booking of 3.36 crore

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