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Rrr is going to talk about Movie Hits and Flops here where Rrr Movie Telugu Hindi Tamil Canada and Malayalam and in many other languages ​​the film has been released all over the world where according to the collection of this movie there is a lot. The film has managed to earn more tremendous, here we are going to talk about the hits and flops of the movie from the collection of the movie, how much this movie has earned and which movie has been a hit or a flop.

In Language Like Rrr Movie Hit and Flop in Telugu So is this movie proved to be a superhit in Telugu language or in Hindi Tamil Canadian languages ​​or is this movie full in any language you have proved right now or not, you have to see the complete information here. Let us tell you that the movie is directed by SS Rajamouli, in which a budget of about 450 crores was put and this movie has also managed to make a tremendous collection according to its budget.

rrr hit or flop

rrr hit or flop
rrr hit or flop
rrr languagehit or flop
malayalam hit
rrr hit or flop

Rrr Movie has proved to be a complete superhit in all languages, out of which the movie in Telugu Hindi Tamil Malayalam and Canadian language has set its flag. Since then, the movie has collected a lot till date, in which the film has collected a total of 564.8 crores only from India, while the movie was released all over the world, if seen, the highest collection of the movie. If you talk about the flop of the movie, then the movie is available to watch in the Canadian language because the collection of the film in the Canadian language is available to see a collection of ₹ 1000000000, which is quite a lot. less and thus this movie in Canadian language is proved to be a complete flop

rrr hit or flop in telugu

Rrr Movie Hit or Flop Movie in Telugu language has proved to be a superhit, here the movie has made a box office collection of 343.47 crores within 9 days while the budget of the movie is Rs 450 crores to watch Movie in Telugu language India only Since then, more than Rs 343 crore box office collection has made a record. Moreya movie has proved to be a complete blockbuster, so the film has been told that this movie has the highest collection and highest earning in Telugu language only. Because the virgin language of this movie is Telugu, what comes after that comes Hindi, so let’s see how the movie has performed in Hindi language.

rrr hit or flop in hindi

Rrr Movie has proved to be a complete blockbuster and hit in Hindi language, where big South films fail to do box office collection of up to Rs 100 crore in Hindi belt, then it can be seen that Rrr Movie Hindi Box Office Collection in Bhasha Only within 9 days Box office collection of 164.09 Cr has been done, so it is considered to be the most better that the movie has made a complete splash in the industry by not doing South’s film and Directed by SS Rajamouli Who has been known for giving many big films to the industry even before this

rrr hit or flop in tamil

Rrr Movie has also proved to be a hit in Tamil language where the total collection of the movie is available to see the collection of 42.2 crores in Tamil language. Let us tell here within 9 days that the official data has been released so far only 9 days are available for viewing whereas if slowly the box office collection of Tamil language is also increasing even more and more RRR movie Blockbuster is one of the film where the movie is proving to be a blockbuster in every language i.e. breaking new records and making its own record due to very good performance of SS Rajamouli Ram Charan and Jr NTR in this. get to see in the midst of great people

rrr hit or flop in malayalam

Rrr Movie Hit and Flop The movie has also been released in Malayalam language, where the film has also earned a lot in Malayalam language, tell that in this way no other movie can earn money in Malayalam language of Jahar very much. Less collection is available to see but within 9 days the collection of 13.75 crores has been collected only in Malayalam language, so Rrr Movie has proved to be a hit in this way.

rrr hit or flop in kannada

Talk about Rrr Movie Hit and Flop In Canadian language, this movie has been a complete flop where it can be seen that the total box office collection of the movie is Rs 1.29 crore, which is clearly- It clearly shows that in the budget movie of Rs 450 crore and so much all over the world, Modi has kept his record, but if only Canadian language is taken, then you have to see the full story of this movie in Canada language. Or the biggest reason is that which is related to the Canadian language release and many people were advising to by-court the movie in Canadian language in Karnataka, due to which the movie had to flop there at present. But if seen, initially when the film was released, the trending of the movie in Canada language was also run on the tutor of the by court, perhaps that is why the movie has had to flop here where the movie has taken a total of 9 days in total. Inside has a Canadian language box office collection of 1.29 crores

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