Sarsenapati Hambirrao Marathi Movie (2022) Budget, Hit or Flop, Box Office Collection Day Wise


Hello friends, my name is Santosh Kumar Tiwari, we have brought you in the middle of Sarsenapati Marathi Movie 2022, we are going to tell you about the hit and flop, so let me tell you about the device that tells about the box office collection. That you can get all the details of the movie through our website, let me tell you that this movie has just recently been released on 27th May 2022, if we talk about the running time, it is 2 hours 38 minutes Movie Hacker Total Talking about the collection, this movie was a collection of 5 points 7 crores, if we talk about hit or loss, talk about profit, then nothing can be guessed whether it will be a hit or profit will be a loss. Going to talk about box office collection, if we talk about flowers, then it cannot be said that it will also be a hit or a flop, but if so much money is ever made by changing so much, then its this There is no chance that it will happen as far as it happens that the movie will be a hit as if it is within two-three days. 5 point had collected 7 crores, so it can be estimated that how good the movie is, how much a superhit movie, as you know everything and for more information, you can give all the information through our website.

Sarsenapati Hambirrao details

Sarsenapati Hambirrao day 5 box office collection report
Sarsenapati Hambirrao day 5 box office collection report
Sarsenapati Hambirrao Budget, Total Box Office, Profit, Loss and Verdict Hit or Flop?
Release date:-27 May 2022
Running time:-2h 38m
Total Collection:-5.7 Crore
Budget + P&A:-10 Crore
Box Office Verdict (Hit or Flop):-N/A
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Let me tell you that I have told you all the information above and you can know all the information through this channel of ours, as we have made this table in this channel, you can also take all the information through this channel. As it is written about the release date as 27th May 2022, if we talk about the time, then it is 2 hours 38 minutes and if we talk about the country, then this movie of ours has been made in India, if we talk about the language then something is confirmed now. Don’t know, but tell me how much profit and loss is talked about, if we talk about hits and flops, then nothing can be guessed about it, if we talk about the total collection, then if Talking about the collection, it had collected Rs.27 crores.


India Box Office Collection Summary

DayCollection Amount
Opening Day1 Crore
End of Opening Weekend4.89 Crore
End of Week 1Pending
Total Collection6.78 Crore

Now if we talk about India Box Office Collection then Opening Day 10000000 Rupees End for Opening Day 4 Point 89 Crore End of Big One Pending and Talking about Total Collection then 6 Point 78 Crores This movie had collection of Rs.

Sarsenapati Hambirrao Box Office Collection Day Wise (India Net) Report

DayCollection Amount
Day 11 Crore
Day 21.65 Crore
Day 32.24 Crore
Day 41 Crore
Day 50.89 Crore
Total Collection6.78 Crore

Let me tell you about Sarsenapati Box Office Collection Day Wise India Next Report that how much collection was this movie in 5 days, about this we have written above in the table below and give you the information below. Let me tell you that on the first day I had collected one crore rupees, on the second day collected 1 point 65 crore rupees and on the third day collected 2 point 24 crore rupees and on the fourth day collected one crore rupees. Had a collection of 0 point 89 crores in 5 days, talking about the total collection, 6 points was a collection of 78 crores, from this it can be guessed that as long as it seems, the movie will be a necessary hit, then there is no chance of gold Not as much information as we had, we are giving you all the information from the first page of our website to the last, if you want to get any more information, then you can also get more information by searching by our gender world wide Box Office Collection Let me tell you about it India Box Office India 5 points when it comes to box office Talking to NT, nothing confirms, if we talk about total collection, then 5 points 7 crores.

Worldwide Box Office Collection (Gross)

ScheduleCollection Amount
India box office Nett:-6.78 Crore
India box office Gross:-5.7 Crore
Overseas Gross:-— Crore
Total Worldwide Collections Gross5.7 Crore

Screen count

India:-1000 Screen
Overseas:-100 Screen
Total Worldwide1100 Screen

Talking about the screen account, India 1000 screens and 1100 have been seen in the screen account and you can also read all the information given in the table, you will get all the information in our table.

Sarsenapati Hambirrao Nadunga Budget

Sarsenapati Hambirrao has been made on an overall budget of Approx Rs 10 Crores.Production Budget: 8 Crores
Prints & Advertising Costs: 2 Crores

Sarsenapati Hambirrao Hit or Flop Economics

Sarsenapati Hambirrao should gross 15 Crores overall to be called a hit.

Movie Record

Disclaimer:-Box office collection data has been completed from various sources and by our own research. These data can be approximate and makes no claims about the authenticity of the box office data.

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