Satyavaan Savitri (Zee Marathi) TV Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More


Satyavaan Savitri (Zee Marathi) TV Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More: Hello friends, my name is Santosh Kumar Tiwari, I am going to tell you about Satyavan Savitri Ji Marathi TV Serial Cast Training Story Real Name Vicky X More, I am going to give all the information about bluetooth if you do not connect to our website. You can get all the information, friends, as I have told you many times in the past, I would tell you all the details of all his information through the sub-inspector site, then friends, you stay connected to our website so that you will get a lot of information. Information can be received through our friend that you people know that I get many such information information to you people, keep sending it to you people through the website, I am expressing it through you people.

Satyawan Savitri on ZEE Marathi Details:

Satyawan Savitri on ZEE Marathi Details:
Satyawan Savitri on ZEE Marathi Details:
Serial NameSatyavan Savitri
Serial Name in Marathiसत्यवान सावित्री
Release Date12th June 2022
End DateN/A
Telecast DaysMonday to Saturday
Telecast Timings7:00 PM
ChannelZee Marathi
OTT Platform Zee5
Language Marathi
Director TBA
Production CompanyThe Film Clique

We are going to talk about Satyavan Savitri Marathi, I am going to tell the complete details of you people through the complete information website, if you are connected to our website, then you come to us, if you tell the people by the name of the serial then Satyavan Savitri is the name of the serial and the serial name is Marathi Satyavan Savitri has been released on 12th June 2022 about the release date and let’s talk about them, nothing is confirmed about it yet but talk about Taylor’s study If you do, on Monday to Saturday


, sit in your house and watch both of them, you can watch this serial in your house, if you talk about timing, then at 7:00 PM you can watch it to the tailor cast if we talk about the channel. If you do, there is nothing confirmed about Zee Marathi TV Audit Platform 65 Language Marathi Director, how to know, I will update you guys through the net. When it comes to production, there is no confirmed information about the product like I will send you people immediately through the information website and talk It is about the production company that the film has been made, which is a very good film, you are going to have a lot of fun, which you will have the privilege of watching 2 days a week, Monday and 2 days the serial will be run.

Satyavaan Savitri TV Serial on (Zee Marathi)

Serial NameSatyavaan Savitri
TV ChannelZee Marathi
Online Streaming PlatformVoot
Original Airing12th June 2022
TimingMonday to Saturday at 7:00 PM
Running Time20-25 Minutes/Episode
Repeat TelecastMonday to Saturday

Friends, now we are talking about this Satyavan Savitri TV serial on Zee Ji Marathi, so I will tell you the complete information about it, so if you are new to our website, then through our website you can share. People can get a lot of information, let me tell you about the serial name, Satyam Satyavan Savitri, if we talk about TV channels, then Jiji Marathi, if we talk about virginal training platform, then boots if we talk about eclipse. Main Tok Like ji if we talk about virgin earing then 12th June 2022 if we talk about timing then monday to saturday 7:00 PM if we talk about running time then 25 minutes if this post talks about taylor then monday to If we talk about Saturday language then Marathi if we talk about country then India

Satyavaan Savitri TV Serial Crew & ShowMakers cast story

DirectorSantosh Kolhe
ProducerSantosh Kolhe
StoryNot Available
ScreenplayNot Available
Production CompanyThe Film Clique
DistributerZee Marathi
EpisodesNot Available
ChannelZee Marathi
LocationMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Camera SetupMulti-Camera
Picture Format1080i (HDTV)

Friends, I am going to tell you people about it like this Satyavan Savitri TV Serial Care Apps Market and Kas friends also about the cast, I will give complete information to you people and as if you were told something or the other. I will tell you about all the things, if we talk about the director, then Santosh has not even been directed, if we talk about the doctor at home, then by taking Santosh, we have produced, if we talk about the story, then not available. Right now we do not know anything about it, if we talk about his play, then we don’t know anything about it, if we talk about production company, then if we talk about relationship, then after Zee Marathi TV section. If we talk about 1 episode, then we talk about friend and channel, then we talk about Marathi TV country

, if we talk about India location, then Mumbai Maharashtra Indian Camera HD Camera 1080 HD TV language. Marathi someone’s I have given you complete information complete biodata my web have been provided through the site, then let me tell you that this thing is going to be released among our people soon, then watch the serial carefully from you, if you talk about the story, then you will see the people in the story. You will get to see more and more family drama, in the story, you will get to see family drama, which is based on family drama, it is going to be released in your color today in full HD, so your wait is going to end because it The movie will be released on 12th or 12th June 2022 in our people.

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