Shekar Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, and more


Shekar Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time, and more: Let me tell you that we talk about Shekhar Movie Roti’s release date Patti Platform Time and Board that movie is very good very super hit movie like you guys know that I will give all the information to you guys on my website. Through I will give you the same as you know that this movie was released on 20th May 2022, if you talk about it, it was made in Telugu language, I will tell you about that it was made in India. From the beginning to the last, all the information we have is available, poor information, I am going to give you people through my website, then if you make it from our website, then you will get a lot of information, you are going to get everything.

Shekar Movie details

Shekar Movie details
Shekar Movie details
movie nameShekar
release date20 May 2022
budget10 crore approx
ott release dateafter 20 June
ott platformno confirm
Film typecrime drama
directorjeevitha rajshekhar
castrajshekhar, Prakash Raj, Shivani rajshekhar, muskan Sethi,Athmeeya Rajan

Who are you, I am going to give you all the information of Shekhar Movie Kishori ji, then let me tell you that if you are connected without our website, then you will get all the formations from our team, our website, we will give you all Let me tell you that if you end this way that you want to know all the details, then you will get to know in the above table also, if you can know in the night table, then you will know in the table, the table does not tell you through handwriting, four people If you want to tell the complete information in words, then I will tell you


Let me tell you, if we talk about the movie, then the name of the movie is Shekhar, if we talk about its release date, then let me tell you, this movie was released to Shekhar people on 20 May 2022. Shekhar Movie was released on 20 May 2022. Let’s talk about it is released, then let me tell you that Shekhar Movie is made in Telugu language and let’s talk about it, let us tell you that it is made in our India which is our This movie has been made in Country India

Tell me the name and give information, let me tell you that if we talk about the budget, then this movie was prepared with a budget of 10000000000, if you talk about the release date, then on which platform you are likely to come if the OTT platform Talking about the TT platform, nothing is confirmed yet, if we talk about which OTT platform you will get to see, then you get to see it if we talk about direct.

Shekar Movie OTT Release Date,

About the Attitude date of Resham Baat Karo Shekhar Movie, I am going to tell you the release date of Shekhar Modi in clear words, so let me tell you that its OTP release date is after June 20, it will come on our OTT platform. There is a chance that after 20th June Shyam will be able to watch the OTP release date and Titu release date will be released on 24th June 2022, then if you want to watch this movie then you will have to wait till 20th June, after 20th June our guest will come on release date

Shekar Movie , OTT Platform,

Of course, we talk about the TT platform of Shekhar movie, so I will tell you all the details about it, I will tell you that nothing can be confirmed on the OTT platform because how cold it is when it is going to come, then I will give you all the information. As soon as we get the information to come on the OTT platform, I will forward you immediately through my website, I will tell you immediately that our guest has come on the platform,

as if I would tell you that whenever it comes OTT platform movie comes, then let me tell you what to do if you watch on t20t platform then you have to charge money, you will charge your money only then you will be able to watch it on OTT platform if you want to watch it in good quality from OTT platform then you have to be the best. First, you will have to spend a lot of money so that you can download and watch this movie by spending more than ₹ 400, let me tell you that it is also very good, if you think so, then there is no problem, you must watch this movie. like me in this movie I was very eagerly waiting for it which is going to be completed on 20th June

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