Sirf Tum 23th June 2022 Written Update! Vikrant’s master plan for the wedding day


Sirf Tum 23th June 2022 Written Update! Vikrant’s master plan for the wedding day; We are going to provide you here the writen update of 23rd June 2022 of only Tum TV serial, so let’s start the episode by telling you that the work is not done, where the jewelry is more Must be expensive and because here it does not meet Oberoi’s standards, tell people that here they say that jewelry and clothes are what are and what are gifts

It should be seen with very pure intention and not the cost i.e. the things which are here should be very good and quality so much that the cost should not be seen at all, but the work does not say that she should favor her in-laws is taking that means she will take her to her in-laws’ house and tell that Kamini is seen screaming at Nikita.


Got to see here that she should learn a lot of Suhani here that Suhani says she wants to sleep and Sudha replies that tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for her where you tell people that Before leaving Sudhanshu said to Suhani that he should ask Ranveer to go on time because it is not right to stay awake for a long time before the wedding night. Jo Suhani finds Ranbir behind

and goes on to say that she is remembering tell him how she is told to meet each other before the night of lights. He doesn’t think so, he says that he had decorated himself for the mandap for his wedding and will tell that why he could not apply mehndi on his hand, that means those who had decorated with their own hands have not applied mehndi yet. was

After all this, Ranveer comes to Suhani and asks him to write his name on the hand, where he can easily find his name on his mehndi while applying mehndi, which makes him question or after seeing a lot. He is more happy to tell that he says that his mind works fast in his affairs, he says that this marriage seems like a dream to him, he says that both of them will take shera tomorrow and that she is his legally married wife. It is going to happen here so tonight the last thing is meeting Suhani where she is seen wearing her chunari, they get to see sharing in a moment, let us tell you that Vikrant’s master is here. The plan comes, Vikrant is seen talking to someone on the phone.

and asks if everything has been decided as per her plan. Mamta brings turmeric milk to Vikrant and gives him medicine. only poured salt in her village she says she supported Ranbir and despite refusing Asha was kicked out where to tell that now she is showing him fake concern because here she says she is happy will be temporary

Ansh applies mehendi on Asha’s hand and she becomes much happier smiling face. But they celebrate and the atmosphere of the wedding is fully formed where Suhani is seen praising her people. Let us tell you that here Rakesh says that he tried to fulfill her dreams and he did. could do for what happened and if anything is left

So he apologizes to her. She tells him not to do so and emotionally hugs him. Ranbir comes with his family wearing a white sherwani and he looks quite handsome. Where dad asks about Vikrant and Vikram says that he will directly reach the mandap after sometime sir ji you guys get to see here that the family of the thana congratulates ranbir as family and they all proceeding to the banquet

For your information, let us tell you that whatever you get to see here, Ranveer makes arrangements like Suhani and he is ashamed that means he is ashamed, he holds her hand and she wants it in the venue. Everyone is surprised at the three pavilions. Raghuveer calls Raghu and Jaan and asks them how the three pavilions, when he had decorated one pavilion last night, how did the three pavilions become today, while Raghu says that he too Confused because they have cross checked everything and calls Ranbir’s manager.

and ask him what is it the manager also replies that why is Ranveer from here to see that he has arranged everything as per some instructions given to him and he asks that he should go to three temples. For who said, tell me that the revolution that comes and the manager points towards it, this is where the whole episode ends for you guys, tell here that happiness is also seen dancing too much while entering If it is coming then the whole of the whole ends here

Sirf Tum 23th June 2022 Written Update details

Sirf Tum 23th June 2022 Written Update details
Sirf Tum 23th June 2022 Written Update details
tital nameSirf Tum
ott platformMHANA
sesion1 (2022)
star castranveer shuhani
Sirf Tum 23th June 2022 Written Update details

Tell me here that only you are the details of the Right Any Update of June 23, 2022, which has been provided to you here, let us tell you that it is available to see only on June 30, 2, where the name of the title is only you. Odia TV serial is very popular to watch and which you get to talk online on OTT platform, let us tell you that what you get to see in the star cast is by Ranbir Suhani. Acting has been done in it and the things that are available to watch is the first season to be seen in Hindi language, then there is a much better TV serial which is going to give you a much better experience, so I I hope you guys must see

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