swachh survekshan 2021 results, cleanest city ranking list

swachh survekshan 2021 results, cleanest city ranking list – Swachh Survekshan Result 2021 Every year as you know the cleanliness survey is done by the Indian cleanliness campaign, which state and which city is the most garbage-free and truthful in the whole of India, on the basis of this, each one should prepare a king list. and this ranking list has been released, let us tell you that Indore city has come at the top of the cleanliness survey and many congratulations for maintaining cleanliness and cleanliness in Indore city and this came at the top. If we talk about the state, then Chhattisgarh is the cleanest and safest state in the state, where you will see a garbage-free state, here let us tell you that every year the state and those states are honoured by Raj Nath Kovind. Goes

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swachh survekshan 2021 results
swachh survekshan 2021 results

In the Swachhta Survekshan 2021 survey, it was found that Indore is the city with the best cleanliness in India and Indore comes first in terms of cleanliness, which is a clean and garbage-free city, here Indore is at the forefront of cleanliness in India. On the other hand, Surat and Vijayawada respectively come at number two and third, apart from this, let us tell you that Mumbai has come at number four in terms of cleanliness, which is at number four in India and Indore comes first. This is where Chhattisgarh is at the forefront of the state in terms of cleanliness, which has been released through the Swachh Survekshan Abhiyan and you can see this result, below we are going to provide you the complete list as well. On the list, you can see people and Swachh Survekshan Result 2021 and find out all the things

swachh survekshan 2021 results

what is a clean survey

What is Swachh Survekshan, if you people do not know, then let us tell you that Sir Swachh Survekshan is a campaign under which every town and every state is covered where cleanliness is surveyed where there is more cleanliness. It happens that its result is issued once in a year, the result is issued and here you people also get to see the rank or not, whatever the state did, whichever city is the most ahead in cleanliness, that city and That state is first issued number one in the list, many people were eagerly waiting to know that those who believe in cleanliness and try to keep it as clean as possible, here we will tell you.

This campaign was started by the government in 2019 which was started on 2nd October as a part of a cleanliness campaign or also a kind of cleanliness campaign in which people were about to participate by 2019 cleanliness campaign In order to stop open defecation through medium and to maintain cleanliness and to reduce waste and to further promote cleanliness in the place, the government had started the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, although the Swachh Survekshan was declared as one in 2016. The time was done where we tell you that very few towns and some states were included where its result was also released but now you get to see the result of Swachh Survekshan every year and whatever It is also awarded for coming up a rank in the clean survey of the state and whatever state and city it is.

Swachh Survekshan Result 2021

The result in the Swachh Survekshan has been released by the Ministry of Urban Development, who has released this result on the official website and here let us tell you that Indore city has been cleaned again for the fifth time as the first number of cities. The honour of the city is being received by the President, apart from this, Vijayawada and Surat in the second and third-order are also being honoured by the President. Chhattisgarh is at number one in terms of cleanliness in the state and it has also been honoured by the President, while Jharkhand is at number two.

Therefore, it is seen at number three, which is based on the cleanliness and truth of the Ganges. , and apart from this, here we are also providing you with the list from where you guys can get the list and see the late here which state is leading the most and which city cleanliness I am ahead

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Swachh Survekshan 2021 City Ranking List

name of the cityrank
new Mumbai4
GVMC Visakhapatnam9
Greater Hyderabad14
Pimpri Chinchwad20
Swachh Survekshan 2021 City Ranking List

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Swachh Survekshan City List

Here let us tell you that as you have seen, we have provided you with the list, which you can see from the people only and after visiting the official website, you will get to see the list. You can also download, how will you guys download the list, we will provide you with the information below, here let us tell you that all the cities and states that have come to number one have been honoured by Raj Nath Kovind. It is on this basis that the celebration of cleanliness is also being celebrated and here we will tell you that the pride of Madhya Pradesh has increased in Indore, whereas Gwalior used to come in second or third number but at present time Gwalior has come on number 15. In the same way, in the matter of cleanliness, let us tell you that Bhopal has come at number seven,

so in this way you people get to see the information, along with this, if we talk about Varanasi, then you people in Varanasi It is seen that Varanasi is a kind of Ganga city which has become famous as Ganga clean Ganganagar. Which has also been honoured by Raj Nath Kovind, if you do not know, then let us tell you that Gwalior also used to come second, but now time Gwalior has gone to a lot of fields and apart from this we will also give you a chance. Will tell you how you guys can download this PDF through the official website.

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How to check survey result

  • First of all you have to go to the official website to check the survey clean result.
  • Here you will see an option which is to click on Survey 2021
  • Now a new page will open in front of you
  • Here you will also get the link to download the PDF
  • can download pdf
  • And now you can open the list of cleanliness survey offline in your mobile.

Here we are providing you with the link on the official website below, which you can check the Swachh Survekshan Result 2021 and get complete information, to get more information you can also visit the home page of our website. That you have got to see the people below, here you people are provided with the latest updates, then you people can use this website of ours and get all kinds of information.

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