telangana formation day live 2022: 8th Formation Day | CM KCR


telangana formation day live 2022: 8th Formation Day | CM KCR: You will get to see the live of Telangana Formation Day 2022 here, where let us tell you that the 8th Formation Day is being celebrated in which Telangana CM KCR is giving a speech here, so you can watch the video abroad live. Where Telangana Formation is available to see For your information, let us tell you that Telangana Formation is being celebrated since 2014, where this time it is the eighth Telangana Formation Day which is being celebrated, here all the politicians are congratulating Twitter. Through where PM Modi has presented congratulations for Telangana Formation Day, at the present time, let us tell you that the eighth is where the Chief Minister KCR meets to see available, he made a very powerful speech there in Telugu language. seem to give

Let us tell you that Telangana was separated from Andhra Pradesh after a lot of hard work here. In 2014, let us tell you that there was no separation on the basis of language, but Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were separated on the basis of culture, while this movement was going on for a long time, it is the result of the same and since then But since the time it was separated, till now this day is being celebrated as a festival which the people of Telangana want to make it. Many people are very much worried even to see it live, so below you have been given to see all the information about Telangana and you also get all the information about Chief Minister KCR. going to see


Here you people get to see Telangana Formation, which you get to watch live TV, tell us that 206 which is Telangana is too much Mussoorie channel, also show you live through YouTube. If it is, then you people get a chance to see the light here, which you people can see, here you people have been provided with all the information as well as things and data.

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