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the delhi files vivek agnihotri, release date, cast, announcement


the delhi files vivek agnihotri: Agnihotri has made an announcement for the delhi files movie on his Twitter handle, where after the immense completion of The Kashmir Files movie, Vivek Agnihotri has again started a new work to make the film on a new history. That Vivek Agnihotri will make stories on some history of Delhi this time and have announced to make the film based on the real story of the same story where Vivek Agnihotri chose Twitter as the best means to announce it and took to Twitter. He had clearly written while tweeting that which film has been made on the atrocities committed on Hindus in a very good way, but this time based on the uproar over Delhi. But the film will be made which is a real story where as you know Vivek Agnihotri has done a lot of searching and prepares the film where he also has to answer things after the release of the film. Keeping this in mind, the film Let us tell you that Vivek Agnihotri belonged and after Kovid-19, The Kashmir Files movie became the first film to earn Rs 250 crore in the Hindi belt, which was released in 2022. Was

the delhi files vivek agnihotri

the delhi files vivek agnihotri
the delhi files vivek agnihotri

Vivek Agnihotri has just recently disclosed on his twitter handle on the delhi files Movie, here he has written that we have worked hard on The Kashmir Files where we worked on it for 4 months to 4 years. And she has proved to be very super duper, but now the film will be made on top of the delhi files’s film, where he has clearly written in Twitter that at this time we are working on a new film but right here when someone When asked the answer, he has told about the delhi files movie there that means our upcoming film will be the delhi files and thus here Vivek Agnihotri has shared the information about the delhi files movie which is on 15th April 2022 10: 21 He Has Presented This Information

Vivek Agnihotri has a lot of Suncity films, so here you are again in the form of a the delhi files movie which is going to be a tremendous and Suncity film, a lot of people can also wait for this film because this film has to be released. It may also take time to make, where it can be seen that whatever film Vivek Agnihotri makes, the film is prepared only after doing a very good search and research of that film. That if any film is released, then its star cast has the most discussions, but it is seen there that after 5 days, most discussions have been found for Vivek Agnihotri, whereas he only directed this film. If so, in this way the director of the movie gets a lot of name to see it popular.

the delhi files movie poster

Anupam Kher has also confirmed here about the delhi files movie where after the release of The Kashmir Files movie where Anupam Kher played the role of his cast in it and maybe it has star cast yet. No information has been found to see about it but here Anupam Kher can be taken in this film because he did a lot of tremendous acting inside the film from The Kashmir File and here Vivek Agnihotri made a new Have started working inside the film, only the name of the film is available to see here, you can see that right to life, this life is what you get to see here, the first poster of the movie is also there. If you have shared it then you guys can watch this movie.

the delhi files vivek agnihotri release date, cast & details

Talking about Vivek Agnihotri’s release date about the delhi files Movie, this movie will be released in 2023 where information about the cast and details of the movie is not yet available to see but as far as Starkat is concerned If seen over there, here you will see some old star cast actors acting, out of which this time has been taken, many old actors were seen inside Sameer file by Vivek Agnihotri but now let’s see who- Which start will be taken, however, tell that ever since Kashmir Files was about the movie, since then he is again doing research on another new song and controversial film to prepare that film. Later, when the film starts becoming more and more viral among the people, then if seen at that place, then the movie The Kashmir Files of the movie was very much more powerful and prosperous, but at the present time, man, this film is well received among the people. It is going on and now a movie is going to be made on Dil Hi, which you guys are here in the Twitter handle. Can have a look and also see its poster which can be found to see almost the same poster as before

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