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[updated] The Kashmir Files Box Office Collection | day wise | budgets | hit or flop | ww collection

The Kashmir Files Box Office Collection will be talked about where you will get to see the data about Day Wise Budget Hits and Flops and World Wide Collection which will give you all the information entered through a table on the release of the movie. The movie has been released in India on March 11, 2022, where the name of the director of the film is directed by Vivek Agnihotri and this movie is on the history of Kashmir, where you will see people on a big screen. You will get to see the history of Kashmir, where Article 370 and the story get to see, as you people know that it is always surrounded by controversies and now people will get a good story along with Anupam Kher. If you are presenting in front of the movie or if many people were eager to watch the movie, then you guys can enjoy, you can see the data below.

The Kashmir Files Box Office Collection day wise

The Kashmir Files Box Office Collection day wise
The Kashmir Files Box Office Collection day wise
DayIndia Net CollectionChange(+/-)
Day 1 [1st Friday]₹ 3.55 Cr
Day 2 [1st Saturday]₹ 8.50 Cr139.44%
Day 3 [1st Sunday]₹ 15.10 Cr77.65%
Day 4 [1st Monday]₹ 15.05 Cr-0.33%
Day 5 [1st Tuesday]₹ 18.00 Cr19.60%
Day 6 [1st Wednesday]₹ 19.05 Cr5.83%
Day 7 [1st Thursday]₹ 18.05 Cr-5.25%
Week 1 Collection₹ 97.3 Cr
Day 8 [2nd Friday]₹ 19.15 Cr6.09%
Day 9 [2nd Saturday]₹ 24.80 Cr29.50%
Day 10 [2nd Sunday]₹ 26.20 Cr5.65%
Day 11 [2nd Monday]₹ 12.40 Cr-52.67%
Day 12 [2nd Tuesday]₹ 10.25 Cr-17.34%
Day 13 [2nd Wednesday]₹ 8.97 Cr-12.49%
Day 14 [2nd Thursday]₹ 7.20 Cr-19.73%
Week 2 Collection₹ 108.97 Cr11.99%
Day 15 [3rd Friday]₹ 4.50 Cr-37.50%
Day 16 [3rd Saturday]₹ 7.60 Cr68.89%
Day 17 [3rd Sunday]₹ 8.75 Cr15.13%
Day 18 [3rd Monday]₹ 3.10 Cr-64.57%
Day 19 [3rd Tuesday]₹ 2.75 Cr-11.29%
Day 20 [3rd Wednesday]₹ 2.25 Cr-18.18%
Day 21 [3rd Thursday]₹ 2.00 Cr-11.11%
Week 3 Collection₹ 30.95 Cr-71.60%
Day 22 [4th Friday]₹ 1.50 Cr-25.00%
Day 23 [4th Saturday]₹ 2.25 Cr50.00%
Day 24 [4th Sunday]₹ 3.00 Cr33.33%
Day 25 [4th Monday]₹ 1.00 Cr-66.67%
Day 26 [4th Tuesday]₹ 0.80 Cr-20.00%
Day 27 [4th Wednesday]₹ 0.75 Cr-6.25%
Day 28 [4th Thursday]₹ 0.65 Cr-13.33%
Week 4 Collection₹ 9.95 Cr-67.85%
Day 29 [5th Friday]₹ 0.50 Cr-23.08%
Day 30 [5th Saturday]₹ 0.85 Cr70.00%
Day 31 [5th Sunday]₹ 1.15 Cr35.29%
Total₹ 249.67 Cr
The Kashmir Files Box Office Collection day wise

the kashmir files day 26 box office collection

The Kashmir Files movie has shown you the history where it can make a very good box office collection on the very first day of the movie, tell that the budget of the movie is a movie made in about ₹ 25000000, in which you will see Anupam Kher and Anupam Kher. Many other old actors will be seen, in which Mithun Chakraborty and many more actor actresses are seen, whoever are old actors, they have been loaded in this film, for information, tell India’s boxed here in India. Only you people can enjoy if you want to see people in India then you can go to theaters for that and the first day’s collection can be more than ₹ 2000000.

The Kashmir Files worldwide collection

If you talked about Vikas Amir Files World Wide Collection, then you guys have not released the World Wide Collection here yet, you will get to see very soon the movie has been released world wide, tell that the movie is in Hindi language. I am available to watch only in India and other if the movie has been released in world wide then very soon you will get to see the data, although right now the first day earnings of the movie in India box office collection up to about 2 crores. get to see

The Kashmir Files budgets

The budget of The Kashmir Files movie is being told up to ₹ 25000000, tell that if the budget of the movie is seen according to Wikipedia, then according to Wikipedia, the budget of ₹ 200000000 has been told, if seen through other news social, then the budget of ₹ 2500000000 It has been told that if Modi’s budget is seen in this way, then the budget is available to see between 20 crores to 25 crores, which is a normal budget film and you can enjoy this movie here. Let’s say that even with a normal budget, the movie can start the collection well because the craze of this movie was also very good, but many other big films in its competition have also been released on 11th, hence the movie’s joe. Collection can be found to see less

The Kashmir Files hit or flop

The Kashmir Files Movie Hit and Flop The question keeps increasing in the minds of many people about whether the movie is a hit or a flop in the end, then let us tell you that a budget of ₹ 25,000,000 has been put in the movie if the film is 30 crores. If the box office collection makes a profit of more than Rs.25 crores, then there this movie proves to be a superhit or a hit, but if the movie is not able to meet its budget according to its budget, then through the box office collection then it is completely It can be considered a flop from now on, it is the opening day of the movie, so nothing can be said about how much the film has earned, that’s why you guys will get to see the update very soon.

The Kashmir Files movie details

Release date: 11 March 2022 (India)
Director: Vivek Agnihotri
Production companies: Zee Studios; Abhishek Agarwal Arts
Language: Hindi
Distributed by: Zee Studios
Music by: Score: Rohit Sharma; Songs: Swapnil Bandodkar

Talking about the film, this movie has been released in India on March 11, 2022, where the name of The Kashmir Files is available to watch a movie in Hindi language, the name of the director of the movie is Vivek Agnihotri. And the movie has been produced through the production companies Zee Studio and Abhishek Agarwal Art, after the language, the movie has been released in Hindi language and the distributor work has been done through the distributor Zee Studio. Talking about the music, the music and score goes to Rohit Sharma and the song is sung by Swapnil, so you guys get to see the details here. Star cast includes Anupam Kher and Mithun Chakraborty and many other old ones. The artist is also enrolled in the film, so you will go to see the people of Kashmir Files movie in the old style.

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