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[exclusiv] the kashmir files vs bachchan pandey: movie Advance booking comparison

the kashmir files vs bachchan pandey: Here you will be told about the comparative things of The Kashmir Files vs Bachchan Pandey Movie. But in Mumbai cinemas, The Kashmir Files movie is also available to watch, for which people have kept a line of advance booking and in the same Mumbai, Bachchan Pandey movie is also being released on 18 March 2022, where the Kashmir file is now. Se and Bachchan Pandey Movie will get to see a very big face-to-face, due to which tell that Kashmir Files movie is completely like a tsunami, any big movie will also come in front of it, its box office collection will also see a lot more down. Here you will know only by advance booking that what is the comparison between Kashmir Files movie and Bachchan Pandey movie.

the kashmir files vs bachchan pandey

the kashmir files vs bachchan pandey
the kashmir files vs bachchan pandey

Talking about The Kashmir Files vs Bachchan Pandey Movie, The Kashmir Files Movie is a suspense movie which is made on a real story, tell that the budget of the movie is very less to watch but this movie base But the sixes of big films have been released, tell that if any movie is released, it does not come in front of it, where big films are released, while Bachchan Pandey movie was released in the competition of Abki Baar The Kashmir Files. Has gone

Here in entire Mumbai, whenever more than 36% is given, Kashmir Files is available to watch booking in advance for the movie, whereas Bachchan Pandey movie has been booked in advance up to 16% in Mumbai cinemas, tell here that Bachchan Not only Pandey, but no matter how big a film is Tiger 3, Lal Singh Chaddha Pathan and all the upcoming films, even if those films are taken out in front of Kashmir Files, then somewhere you will get to see the tribulation on their box office collection. Only because of The Kashmir Files movie will tell that almost ever since the movie was released today, it is trending on Twitter till today.

Holi Advance Booking

  • The Kashmir Files: 5.40 Cr Gross
  • Bachchhan Paandey: 2.10 Cr Gross

The Kashmir Files (Hindi) (2D) Eighth Day Advance Booking

The Kashmir Files movie has been released in Hindi language. And here the advance booking of the eighth day is available to see, here is the advance booking of the movie Saw Sameer Files Movie has reported 36% of the screen in Mumbai where it has covered about 500 600

RegionOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
The Kashmir Files (Hindi) (2D) Eighth Day Advance Booking

Bachchhan Paandey (Hindi) (2D) First Day Advance Booking

RegionOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Bachchhan Paandey (Hindi) (2D) First Day Advance Booking

The biggest comparison between The Kashmir Files and Bachchan Pandey Movie is to see that where more than 36% advance booking is available in Mumbai for watching The Kashmir Files movie, only 13% of Bachchan Pandey movie is available in Mumbai. Booking has been done which is available to watch much less as compared to ji bachchan pandey movie, let us tell here that the box office collection of bachchan pandey movie which is being told by the people is much more to see. According to what is received, whether the collection is done or not, it will be known only after the release of the report.

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