Tirandaj Shabor movie review & imdb rating


Tirandaj Shabor movie review : Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the review of Nikhil Movie Review IMDb Rating, we will give you all the information through the website, you stay connected to our website to know information about which movie showed love romance and acting. Seeing which you will be more interested in this movie, all the theaters after May 27, 2022 have been released on May, do you also like to watch the movie, then definitely read our page and after reading this you too go to the cinema.

On a rainy night, Sumit Ghoshal, a taxi driver arrives at a police station with a passenger who has suddenly taken ill. The O.C. inspects the passenger to find him dead. ACP-DD Shabor Dasgupta and Inspector Nanda must solve the case.

Tirandaj Shabor movie
Tirandaj Shabor movie

Tirandaj Shabor movie review

Nigel Da is back with a bang. Great to see him in the silver screen after Gotro. He is not an inspiration but an institution in itself. Great going Nigel Da & all the best Wishes.

Great work Rupam. Eta Darun hobe. Amar ektu chotto theory diye di66i bhai. (I think the real culprit is a woman. If Nigel’s character is telling the truth then it means three people who boarded his taxi , they all were alive. Now it’s a four seater car, meaning 2 can sit at the back and two can at the front. The one sitting beside Nigel won’t be able to kill. The one sitting at the back murdered the victim. Then these two got down, possibly one gave Nigel some instruction about dropping the victim at a distant place. Nigel thought that the victim was passed out and later realised that he was murdered. As it was a rainy night he didn’t have the opportunity to keep his eyes off the road. So a woman might be the murderer and possibly the other man who sat beside Nigel is an intentional or an unintentional accomplice.)

Ei movie gulo ke Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc te release koruk atleast 1 ta valo time er show din …. Moviegoers ra mainly 22-35 age group bangali kajer shutre ei cities gulote thake , tara ei movie gulo Theatre ei dekhte Chaye ….


  • Saswata Chatterjee. Actor.
  • Subhrajit Dutta. Actor.
  • Arindam Sil. Actor.
  • Nigel Akkara. Actor.
  • Chandan Sen. Actor.
  • Debjani Chatterjee. Actor.
  • Devlina Kumar. Actor.
  • Rammani Mondal. Actor.

For the movie, let us tell you that you want to know about the star actor of the talk, through the list given in the list of development, you can know the name and know about this movie in the body so that we can Now Going Aap Beach has been released on 27 May 2022

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