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ullu web series cast list 2022! wiki, hot photo?

Ullu Web Series Cast List 2022! Vicki, hot photo? : Hello friends, my name is Santosh Kumar Tiwari, today we are going to talk about Ullu Web Series Cast List 2022 Hot Photo, I am going to give all the information to you guys, I will tell you who is in the web of owl. Is. Sa Hai Series Cast List 2022 Wiki Hot Photo will be shown to you guys, I will also tell you about the list of you guys, with the photo I will show you with the photo which actresses have worked in it, this message has been sent . I will also give you guys a list of the cast and I will also tell you the names of this web series,

So friends, let me tell you guys that now let me tell you that the web series is a very good superhit web series. Let us tell you people, recently this message has been issued among us that the names of the people coming are going to be seen by you guys as if I tell you that it was released recently which is among us. I have a very good very superhit web series, you guys get to see 10 lakh people tell me this website is very good, very superhit web series, you will get to see all the information of web series, if you guys are connected on our website, you will get to see all the information, I will tell you people like this. what am i going to tell you guys

Ullu web series cast list details

ullu web series
ullu web series
NameChuriwala Owl (July 2022)
actor actressPallavi Debnath as Bhuri
, Akshay as Milind,
Lala Kishore as Yelne,
Murari as Vinod Singh, Triloki as Alia Naaz, Sangeeta Ankita Bhattacharya
as Kajri
Style18+, Drama

Friends, we will talk about the cast list details of Ullu web series, I am going to give all the information to you guys, if I talk about telling you guys, otherwise if we talk about bangle web series in July 2022 then I will tell you Let me tell you that if we talk about the actress, then earlier also I had to give nursery and Madhuri, in which very good customs Madhuri and Vinod Singh and Steel Kori ji are going to be seen, let’s talk about Aaja Alia. She will be seen playing the role of illegitimate Sangeeta. If we talk about Ankita’s face, then let us tell you that Alok will be seen playing the role of Kajri with Amrita Bhadaria, let us tell you that even though you are 18 years old in cricket, you must have paid attention to this picture. Watch Jodi Wala Ullu web series to be released in July 2022, the names of all the countries shown to you,

Day Web Series Cast List 2022! Vicki, hot photo?

Ullu is an Indian OT platform. Ullu is known for its bold web series and erotic content. There are a lot of ullu app web series favorite in India as well as internationally. Charmsukh, Palang Tod Yeh Ullu are the most favorite web series of the app. The most important reason for the popularity of the Ullu app is the actresses working in it.

Most of the actresses of Ullu web series are beautiful and hot. Ullu App has worked primarily with Unknown Actress. But those actresses have made a new place in the film industry with their acting and their hotness. Today we will give you the list of top 10 actresses of ullu app most liked by the audience. For you guys information Ullu platform is realized and work for bold bold web series collected in India, India and internationally and many ullu app web series favorite and extreme bedside diet mister as shown

Top 10 Daily Web Series Actress Name List (July 2022)

1. Jinnie Jaaz

jinnie jaaz
jinnie jaaz

Genie Jazz Ullu is the most favorite actress of the app. Ever since the time Genie worked in the web series ‘Charmsukh Jaane Jaane Mein’, her fan base has grown tremendously. Genie is a beautiful actress.

2. Sneha Paul

Sneha Paul
Sneha Paul

Sneh Paul, who is seen in Charmsukh Chawl House, is one of Ullu’s favorite actresses. She played the role of “Renu Bhabhi” in this web series. After this web series, he liked it so much that people want to see him in every web series. After Chawl House, he also worked in the web series ‘Lal Lihaf’. Recently he has also worked in Ullu’s famous web series ‘Charmsukh Chawl House Season 2’.

3. Mahi Kaur

mahi kaur
Mahi Kaur

Mahi Kaur is a model by profession. Mahi had worked in ‘Balang Tod Gaon Ki Samar’. In this web series, she played the role of Mami (Aunt). Seeing his boldness and hotness in the web series, people have become crazy about him.

4. Ankita Dave

Ankita Dave Biography Wiki
Ankita Dave

Ankita Dave is one of the most famous actresses of Ullu App. Ankita started her web series career with Singer Dan web series. After that he worked in many Ullu web series. His last Ullu web series was ‘Gachi’.

5. Mokshita Raghav

mokshita raghav
mokshita raghav

Mokshita Raghav is a famous star on TikTok. He worked in Ullu’s web series “Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 The Housewife”. Seeing her hotness and cuteness, people have become crazy about her. Apart from ullu app, he has also worked in kuku app. His most famous web series is ‘Guest in House’. Whose 5 seasons have been released.

6. Shafaq Naaz

shafaq naaz
shafaq naaz

The first web series of ullu app, Halala actress Shafaq Naaz was well-liked. Shafaq has a cute face. Recently he also worked in the web series ‘The Last Shows’ on Ullu App.

7. Simran Khan

Simran Khan
Simran Khan

Simran Khan is very famous for her bold and hot body. He has worked in the web series ‘Bed Toad Caretaker’ of Ullu App. She played the role of a nurse in this web series. Recently he has also worked in the web series ‘Lovely Massage Parlor’.

8. Nikhita Chopra

nikhita chopra
nikhita Chopra

Everyone likes Nikita Chopra, who became famous with the Ullu web series ‘Khul Ja Sim Sim’. He has done only one web series of Ullu, but the number of his fans has increased a lot. Apart from Ullu, Nikita has also done a lot of work on other OTT apps.

9. Mishti Basu

mishti basu boyfriend
Mishti Basu

Mishti Basu is one of the cutest actress of Ullu app. He started his career with “Palang Tod Adha Adha Pyaar Pyaar”. Since then his fan following has increased a lot. Mishti has worked in many Ullu web series. Recently she was seen in ‘Charsukh Salahkar’.

10. Rather Verma

Rajsi Verma Biography Wiki
Prefer Verma

Rajsi Verma is a famous actress of Ullu App. People like to watch majestic in Ullu web series. Majestic Owl is one of the top actresses of the app. He has worked in many web series of Ullu. His latest web series is “Dumd Ji Palangtod”. Which has recently been released on Ullu App. Friends, you must have also seen Jai Shri Verma, in which let us tell you that there are many children, where you are getting to see the name of the entire actress along with the photo, then friends have seen a lot of chapter 7. People. Where will you guys come from to see all the information, so friends, if you liked the information, then friends, definitely tell us by commenting in our comment box.

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