Vikram 5th day Advance Booking report


Vikram 4th day Advance Booking report : Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Vikram 4th days advance ticket booking and all the information we will give you through our website. Let us tell you that if you want to know this information, then you must give it because we are going to give you all the reports about whether the movie has collected or not, through our website, you can get all the information and you You can also watch this movie about

Vikram 4th Day Advance Booking Gross

  • Tamil: 6.10 Cr
  • Telugu: 0.49 Cr
  • Hindi: 16L
  • Total Gross: 4.75 Cr

Day wise Advance Booking Gross

  • Day 1: 15.30 Cr
  • Day 2: 14.20 Cr
  • Day 3: 15.95 Cr
  • Day 4: 4.75 Cr

Hello friends, we are telling you today that Vikram 4 days advance booking is done in Tamil on 6th December 10 crore people have booked tickets in advance, 0.49 crores in Telugu and 16l in Hindi. Talking about the growth of today’s total. 4.75 crore tickets have been booked in advance, if we talk about advance booking of medicine tickets, then let us tell you that do 15-10-19 for the first day and 14.20 crores for the second day and 15.95 crores on the third day, similarly to see the fourth day. are getting

Vikram (Tamil) (2D) Fourth Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

Vikram:hitlist movie
Vikram:hitlist movie
RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Chennai1.71 Cr59%515291102
Bengaluru39.61 Lac11%4091685
Madurai22.30 Lac27%1041821
Coimbatore42.29 Lac55%1165418
Pondicherry12.13 Lac70%311710
Salem8.68 Lac26%3991
Vellore5.12 Lac15%64618
Dindigul7.67 Lac40%2241
Kochi21.02 Lac29%1452637
Trichy19.61 Lac68%442115
Trivandrum13.76 Lac18%137327
Mumbai4.02 Lac12%8813
DelhiNCR2.13 Lac13%4204
Hyderabad5.63 Lac37%31713

According to the information, tell the mother that I have booked tickets for Rs 1.73 crore in Chennai on the fourth day, if we are telling you, then 39.61 lakhs have been booked in Bengaluru if we talk about NCR NCR, then we will tell you. Let us tell you that 2.13 lakh advance booking has been done, similarly 5.63 lakh advance booking has been done in Hyderabad. To know better about booking, for more information, reach out to us.

Vikram: Hitlist (Telugu) (2D) Fourth Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Hyderabad31.23 Lac22%2182483
Bengaluru28.85 K2%2701
Vijayawada3.19 Lac13%60011
Warangal1.59 Lac17%2002
Guntur1.16 Lac21%1423
Vizag-Visakhapatnam5.22 Lac25%58714
Nizamabad1.02 Lac28%704
DelhiNCR1.40 K4%100
Karimnagar39.99 K9%700
Mahbubnagar13.35 K5%400
Kakinada84.37 K84%541
Rajamahendravaram (Rajahmundry23.87 K36%200
Nellore24.84 K6%800
Tirupati61.64 K12%1000

For information, let us tell you that if we talk about Vikram Hitlist in Telugu, then about how to register in 20 Photo Day Advance Booking Report, let us tell you that Hyderabad Bangalore Vijayawada, you will get to see all the Ram after you, then you can do it with us. Staying connected like you keep getting all the information, we are connected to our wishes, so that you do not get updates, you can take information through your feet

Vikram: Hitlist (Hindi) (2D) Fourth Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Mumbai2.85 Lac8%9403
DelhiNCR2.50 Lac6%11001
Pune1.40 Lac12%3000
Hyderabad27.50 K3%802
Kolkata20.44 K4%1500
Ahmedabad66.66 K6%6104
Surat65.71 K8%3000
Jaipur91.74 K9%2702
Chandigarh30.69 K7%1300
Bhopal11.96 K3%1800
Lucknow79.43 K8%3000
Kanpur16.76 K4%1500
Nagpur73.73 K8%2000
Vadodara41.39 K6%2900
Ludhiana22.85 K8%1000
Agra19.81 K1%1600
Nashik26.66 K7%800
Varanasi20.71 K6%500
Rajkot85.89 K23%903
Jamshedpur5.04 K6%300
Prayagraj (Allahabad)13.68 K6%500
Amritsar4.77 K6%300
Indore38.38 K8%1900
Raipur27.06 K8%1100
Bhubaneswar24.74 K7%1000
Aurangabad11.16 K5%800
Solapur4.91 K5%300
Ranchi16.42 K5%500
Guwahati14.02 K5%1000
Gwalior5.68 K4%400
Jodhpur11.06 K8%500
Dehradun10.93 K6%900
Jalandhar12.94 K5%500
Kota10.62 K5%600
Patna29.86 K28%404
Gandhinagar6.62 K2%1300
Jamnagar10.97 K10%400

For information, let us tell you that Vikram Hitlist Hindi to do for the day register in Advance Booking Report, then let us tell you that you can see that 2.85 lakh in Mumbai and 2.50 in Delhi NCR, Sitara 1.40 lakh in Pune Hyderabad I am getting to see 27.50 lakhs, so you can take all the information through the table accordingly, if we tell you through the cable, then there will be a very big paragraph, for this we leave you and tell you that through the table. Can take information from because all the information has been given in the table.

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