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Vikrant Rona Day 10 Box Office Collectionreport

Vikrant Rona Day 10 Box Office Collectionreport: Vikrant Rona Box Office Collection Day 10: Kichcha Sudeep’s sci-fi film opened well at the box office, however, the film seems to be losing steam now. It has been earning less than ₹2 crore daily for the last 2-3 days.

Vikrant Rona concluded its long first weekend with almost over ₹50 crore in box office revenue. The action-adventure thriller starring Kichcha Sudeep had a strong start last week but saw a significant drop on the second day. Although there was some growth over the weekend after a weak Friday, it didn’t really matter much as eventually, the firm broke through on Monday, which could have destroyed any hope.

The following days saw a sharp drop in trading and on Thursday it was less than half what it was on Monday. No surprise here as it has been a pattern in many South films recently. The report of Vikrant Rona box office collection day 10 is here. 

Vikrant Rona box office collection day 10

Vikrant Rona Box Office Collection Day 10: Kichha Sudeep Starrer Falling Short!
Vikrant Rona day 10
DaydatedBharat Net 
first day [first guru]28 July₹19.4 crore
Day 2 [1st Fri]29 July₹8.28 crore
Day 3 [1st Sat]July 30₹11.47 crore
Day 4 [First Sun]July 31₹14.55 Cr 
Day 5 [1st Mon]Aug 01₹4.00 crore 
Day 6 [1st Tues]Aug 02₹2.88 crore
Day 7 [1st Wed]Aug 03₹2.19 crore 
Day 8 [2nd Guru]Aug 04₹1.68 crore
Day 9 [2nd Fri]Aug 05₹1.22 crore
Day 10 [Second Sat]Aug 06₹2.50 crore (can be earned)
foreign total₹5.5 crore
gross₹73.67 (approx)

There is no special competition for the film in the second week, so some gains can be seen in the weekend. However, this will not affect the outcome of the film, as the final revenue is estimated to be in the range of ₹78-80 crore. The only shining example of this is the Telugu version of the film, which earned around ₹8.5 crore in 10 days. 7

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