Woman swims from Bangladesh to India – Lover entered from Bangladesh got married in Kolkata


Woman swims from Bangladesh to India – Lover entered from Bangladesh got married in Kolkata: Here is a very strange and wonderful story which is going viral on the internet. For your information, let us tell you that there is a woman who has come from Bangladesh to India by swimming, which has faced a lot of creations. Let us tell you that according to the report of India Today, it is being told that the girl’s name was Krishna Mandola and her love was with an India girl, so in this way this story was on the internet when those people got married. I had told that its story begins in such a way that both of them had once met and had fallen in love a lot, so what Krishna has spoken, she ran away from abroad.

And got married in Kolkata with her boyfriend, tell that both of them met for the first time on Facebook and had become very much in love with Facebook itself and from there it was not right and he went to India to meet his girlfriend. Left for there, the tongue came out, that is the first time that he had to face the Sundarbans, that is, if he had come through the border, he would have had to get a passport which he did not have, now the biggest problem is that he Tried to come by the way of silence and tell that he came out of the way of Sundarbans where the Sundarbans are very high and there is a lot more dangerous animals to see.


After crossing him, according to the police report, they met by swimming in the river for about 1 hour and went straight to Kolkata, both of them got married after running into the Kolkata temple and after that till the police. If the matter reached, then tell the people that the police arrested her without any illegal passport and then handed it over to the High Court, tell that the girl has been arrested by the boy, where this legal action is taken later. Anything can happen because it was foreign and the borders of their country between the two created a lot of hindrance due to which he met his girlfriend and thus the two met and both had also got married

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