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Zollywood box office collection : Hello friends, today we will tell you about Zollywood a box office collection and tell you about hits and flops, we will give you all our information about it through our website and let us tell you how many great movies this film can make you understand that Bollywood What is the meaning of Zollywood movie as you watch it, tell us by commenting what you see, we will give you all the information about it or the movie has been done today after June 3, 2022, for more information you can visit our website. As you get all the information, according to the information, let us tell you whether it is a drama movie or has been made in India, let us tell you that its running time is 1 hour 35 minutes.

Zollywood box office collection

directorTruashant ingle
release date3 June 2022
running time1h/35minats
industryMarathi industry
actorNarayan Rao
starraja and Deepak Narayan Rao
generedrama musical

Under the information, let us tell you that the director is the director of the Bollywood box office collection, the information was released in theaters, the actor is in the Marathi language. Do you want to see the enemy on the mother, drama and Mansi were shown in HD, which is going to be a lot of fun to see. Talking about its star cast, its star cast is Raja Aayega, Deepak Narayan Lal ji, Inspector Narayan Rao ji is also there and Let us tell you that or from the point of view of Modi, there is also friendship in Marathi, its running time is 1 hour 35 minutes, it has been released in all theaters of India on 3 June 2022 and you will definitely enjoy the movie a lot. Also watch once and tell us your comment, how did you like the movie


zollywood movie day wise | box office collection

Now we want to inform you people through this post or information that you will get information regarding the box office collection of this movie through this post, if we talk about day wise box office collection then this movie is to be released on June 3, 2022, and if we talk about the world wide box office collection, according to the budget of this movie, its world wide box office collection can be around Rs 1.05 crores, it can be told by the people. It has been and is being predicted by some people and if we talk about the box office collection of this movie in all languages, then you people are going to see it very well, then you know all these things. So well if you do not know, then through the table given below you will get all the information and you will feel very good seeing it which is given below and you will take care of all these things very well. And through this post told by us, you people or information will be very good.

All language box office collection₹0.58cr*
world wide box office collection₹1.00cr*
day Wise box office collection₹0.58cr*
total box office collection₹1.50cr*

The Wallpapers All Language box office collection of Zollywood movie language has earned Rs 0.58 crores. And if we talk about world wide box office collection, it has earned one crore and if we talk about day wise box synthesis, then we talk about total box office collection of zero decimal 58 crores, then it has earned ₹ 500000000 in a decade. Tell us about the information that the film is very very drama, send the movie that you must watch it once so that you can be entertained, the film has been made to entertain and entertain us and in Marathi language. built in

zollywood movie details

Now we will tell you about its detail information through this post so that you people get information about the latest of this movie and if you have any problem in this post told by us, then contact us. Let me know how you people have given such information, then I want to tell you that the director, producer and all the names given in it are given in the evening, you will not get any such information so that you people Talking about the release date of this movie, it will be released on 3rd June 2022 and if we talk then it is a Marathi language movie which is known for drama and musical. You guys understand all these things very well and complete information is given in the table.

In the night of Zollywood movie details, Teja movie details, we give you all the information everyday so much information, all the details, we can see you only through the mother daughter daughter of your heart, because whatever information we had to give, as much as these Zollywood information For, let us tell you that if you want to know the details of this movie, you want to know everything about everyone, then you can easily get all the information related to our subject and why tell you that this is the story of the film. Whatever information we get, we will keep giving you regular information.

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