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My name is — and I am the owner of this website. This website has been created to provide you with health-related information, whatever information has been provided through the internet and books and from your own experience, you people here It is provided further that if this site becomes famous, then the possibility of providing information through the doctor can also be expressed here, whatever information is provided here is through the original Shaurya and official website. The information is provided to you here by collecting the information, so you must consult your doctor once before accepting any kind of advice to the people.

This website is worked by multiple people where many people write their contact on it and provide health-related information and news to you. You can also contact us to get solutions to health-related problems. Where if you want any kind of information about health, then you must contact for that. This website has been made for the public, were to provide them with the right information and to maintain their health by giving good information. Helping is the purpose of our website, and you must help us to fulfill it.